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978. My share of Love..

Life taught me to love well..

But warned me not to love deep,

Not so deep, that when you’re hurt..

You cannot get yourself healed.

The deeper your heart, deeper the hurt..

The tender the feelings, faster they crack,

Easier for the Light, the wisdom, to get in.

Love, when deep, enough to forget yourself,

Get ready, make way, for..

For something hurtful to come your way,

Atleast my share of Love..

Yes, my love life taught me this,

Faster I realise this reality..

Better for my Mind and Me..!!



976. Feelings…

How do you relax?

The Pages, place of my Solace..,

Whenever I feel trapped within my expectations and the realities, thus feel cheated and betrayed by my own self and my own dreams, I write..

Whenever I feel suffocated, unable to think, what to do next to cool myself down, my pen helps me to shed some tears and set to sail again, but alone..

Time and efforts to set my mind right back in its own place, along with my own self, when they fail, I go blank, silent, dumb, and turn my diary pages vigorously, to write,.

Writing gives me a different kind of solace, a strange relief, which helps me express myself, whenever I feel like struggling with my own feelings and emotions..

The pages, on which I pen down my views, worries, struggles, fears, hurts, beliefs.. where I pour my heart out,. they talk to me, correct me, console me, comfort me,.

Me, my pen and my pages, we make a perfect bond of strength, of respect, of unconditional love, we complete each other, tuned to stay together, friends till eternity..!!



956. Feelings…

Most of the relationship issues arise out of two extremes. One with excess feeling, with the other one with no feeling at all,..

Excess love of one which may suffocate the other one left with no love at all, which again lets the other one down, feeling left out, used,..

One over possessive, rather obsessive with the other one, out of love, whereas the other one left with no other feeling than to leave..

One too much committed to their relationship taking it as an eternal bonding, whereas it’s a mere social bonding or partnership for the other,

One finding oneself never enough for their relationship while the other one totally unbothered, ignorant, unaware and aloof,..

In a relationship, the cent percent presence of one and the absolute absence of the other one, a total balancing game…

Isn’t it the sacrifice of any one of the partner, who’s desperately eager to keep it going, no matter what they have to offer to keep it rocking..??

Found very rare such matured couples who are rocking on a totally balanced relationship. They say, in relationships, opposites attract, opposite poles needed to come together for the balance to keep going.

Opposites attract. Does it really..?? Or they detract..?? What say..?? πŸ€”



953. Feelings…

A note to the youngsters, on the biggest institution here on earth, called Marriage..

This topic has been quite a long pending one in my ‘to – do’ bucket list. The present generation, I know what and how they think marriage to be. Myself, being a member of this institution for twenty seven years, have my own opinions. I’ve observed the members from the last generation, ie.,. my parents and those from the last to last generation, my grandparents from both my paternal and maternal sides. To be precise, I have seen, known and experienced the journey quite well and developed an overview on the running of this institution called Marriage over the time. Though the ‘find a solution’ drive of today’s young lot has left me awestruck. So much to learn, search and research from them, on life itself, still left..!!

1. Young ones today prefer Live-In relationships over marriages. They remain quite petrified on the thought of marriage, the related adjustments, sacrifices and the bondages. They prefer to know their partners before they step into this unwritten yet registered and signed bonding of a so called ‘Togetherness’. So, they, in order to ‘find a solution’ to the age old problems of marriage, of being a victim member of a unlikely and mismatched partnership, took out a common way, the system of ‘Live-in’ relationships. According to them, they live-in together to make out their compatibility level first. To check on, how well their partnership is going, and how long the tickle in their relationship stays, prior to marriage. Then only they’ll decide whether to marry that partner or not. But, their research failed. As to, these types of relationships mostly failed to reach the stage of marriage. Partners started to split in the meantime. Marriage mostly never happened, except some of the exceptional cases of really eager and made-for-each-other ones. They married, carried on and still rocking..!!

(Disclaimer : Exceptions are always there everywhere.)

2. Long-distance Marriages, lie second in the queue of the ‘find a solution’ drive. Couples, envisaged this path too, trying to sort out a peaceful space between their ‘togetherness’. To fill the vacuum, without being clingy, was their first and foremost priority. But it had its own disadvantages as well. The spaces between couples started to grow extra wide, where it became easier for the third parties to creep in. The immediate shoulders to cry upon went missing just at the time of need, instead, shoulders of third parties replaced the seats of their partners. So, this started creating havoc again as these marriages started failing too. Again a special mention of those exceptional ones, who were matured enough to handle it with a balanced head and a eager heart. They carried on and are still rocking..!!

(Disclaimer : Exceptions are there everywhere.)

3. Open relationships.. ahha,. not again..!! Another outcome of the ‘find the solution’ drive. Where while staying in your marriage, both couples are free to look and go around with other people, with anyone, anytime, anyhow. To beat the boredom, to keep the marriage aflame, this steaming hot and rollicking path to keep the ‘togetherness’ intact is trending a lot nowadays. Wow.. What a thought on keeping the ‘togetherness’ intact. Sorry to say, yet to know someone who has found perfect togetherness in this path. So don’t know., can’t say., if anyone got their problem sorted through this solution. Rather thinking, is this a solution at all or invitation to a lot more problems other than marriage itself..??

I mean.. seriously..??!! To make the vows happen, we need to break them..?? Strange..!! Then it’s better to erase the word ‘Marriage’ from the dictionary. Why there, in the book of words and their meanings, if the word isn’t meaningful enough to practice in life anymore..??

Anyways, to add my few cents here, I would love to conclude in one thought. At the end of the day, every relationship depends on individual eagerness, integrity and feelings of the partners. At one point of time, we all start looking for peace and thus feel like settling down. It’s on the individual thought process, how one wants to look onto themselves and their near and dear ones surrounding their lives.

So, here’s a test below, to find out whether our bonding will work or not.

Write 20 reasons or more, (.. if we have that many..) on a paper, on, what are the points or reasons we want to ‘leave’ our partners. Draw a line in between and on the other side of the same page, jot down the reasons, why we will want to ‘keep’ them, preserve them for life. If the number of reasons on the ‘Leaving’ side exceeds those of the ‘Keeping’ side, the relationship be considered to be over.

After writing, go through it to consider each point, if that’s enough a reason to LEAVE or it can be chalked out and changed, in order to KEEP. If it can be changed or trivial enough to be ignored, then just strike it out from the list.

Surprisingly we’ll find, our relationship to have been gone so deep over the years that most of the reasons to ‘leave’, we have erased from the list, in order to check it out and talk it with him/her to change it or we just realised that it’s not such a big an issue and can easily be ignored. This way the points on the ‘Keeping list’ exceeds the ‘Leaving list’ ones and this way, our bonding stays back safe together.

If we don’t want to lose him/her, we’ll find ways to ‘Keep’ or preserve them in our lives in every possible way. That’s the magic of Time-bound-bonds that tie us with Time, together, forever.



935. Kuchh guftgu apne saath.. (Hindi)

Koi bhi chiz agar bawhot shiddat se chaho tow wo apni junoon, apni kamzori bann jati hay…

Aur wahi kamzori ek dum se hum logon ka budhhi sampoorna roop se haran kar leta hay…

Apna ek alag aur anjaana sa chehra bahar nikl ke ata hay, jissey hum ekdum se anjaan rahtey hain…

Iss awastha mein koi bhi humse humare ichha ke virudhh bhi, kuchh bhi kara sakta hay…

Iss liye, ye zaruri hay ki hum sab saavdhan rahein apne chahton se, apne junoon se.

Ayse halaat mein, hum sab ko apne chahaton par santulan rakhna seekhna bawhot zaruri ho jata hay…

Tab hi hum sab apna santulan barkarar rakh paayenge aur himmat ke saath agey barh payenge..!!



873. Feelings…

Maintaining all our relationships in a balanced way is an art which leaves a thorough impact on our minds.

Those who prioritise their own feelings, keeping aside the feelings of their loved ones around them, initially think themselves to be living a perfect life. But at the end of the day, they stand out to be unhappy too, just like the ones who prefer to sacrifice their own feelings for the sake of others.

Both try to prove the other one wrong. But none are. Both are perfect in their own ways, in each other’s thought processes.

The gist is, peace of mind. Whatever gives us happiness, whatever way we feel happy, is the thing which brings us real peace of mind.

It hurts, when our own people misunderstands us. It sucks, when our nearest ones take us wrong and that too without giving the chance to express our thought processes.

Wish, each one of us had the ability to stop judging others without knowing them and their stories. Wish, we start loving all as they are without expecting them, to be, to think and to do like us. Wish, we stop being control freaks. Wish, we all do introspect at regular intervals, in order to stop misunderstanding our folks.

We should remember that each one of us aren’t right or wrong, but all of us are different from each other.

These are something that we need to ponder on. What say, World..??!!!


…………………………… βœπŸΌπŸ’•