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749. The Unstoppable..

She was scared..

scared of her ways..

her ways of loving her Love.

She knew..

she’s the one,

who loved too hard.

She knew..

there was none..

who can love like her.

She knew..

there’s none..

to match her love..

for her Love.


To stop herself from..

expecting the same in return,

from getting hurt, further..

she stopped, talking about love..

stopped Love, talking to her.


she diverged..

the flow of her Love,

towards the Light,

Love, when flows..

all the way through Light,

goes silent, eternal,



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748. To Live Life…

a sunny day, with a pleasant blue sky,

the cool breeze, along with the river..

lose themselves in their moves together,

floating clouds, watch me close,

as they pass by..

all of them, the whole of nature..

remind me of my being, on earth,

not only my beating Heart..

speaks of life, in abundance,

every corner of my creative Mind..

reminds me, how to breathe,

if, the Moon instigates Love in me..

the Sun inspires me to Live..!!



747. Cosmic Competitors..

Today, at the early hours of dawn, in the eastern horizon..

an amazingly reddish tinge, caught my beauty starved vision,

the morning Star, about to rise in a while..

with its heart warming golden smile, it did arrive,

glowing with positivity, its powerful eyes..

all of a sudden, it winks, asking me to think,

“what say, you, my dear, Thoughtsmith..

So many thoughts, imaginations, with verses, you knit,

just tell me, the beauty of the Moon, is it better than mine..??

whereas, the whole of her beauty, depends solely on my light,

please tell me, who inspires you the most, who wins..

you stay awake late at night, in your terrace, to bid it a ‘Bye‘..

but seldom do I find you now, to wish me a morning ‘Hi‘,

please, do think, on your part, isn’t it unfair..

you’re there for the Moon, always, anytime, anywhere..

but, for me, never, at this time you’re nowhere,

why you always stay so biased, only and only on her..??”


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746. The Essence of Silence..

Love, loves me not..

Light, instead loves me,

It really loves me, a lot..!!

Love, cares for me not..

Light, instead cares for me..

It indeed cares for me a lot..!!


Love shows, it cares,

says, it’s always there,

the Light, never shows,

but it’s really there, to care..!!


Love keeps me on my toes,

keeps me always on the run..

the Light, keeps me relaxed,

being always so thoughtful..!!

The ones, who silently care..

‘re the ones who loves for real,

not the ones who shout to show,

not bold enough, to let you grow.


Is it a poem against Love..??

it’s not so, not at all, O world..

It’s just to be there, to identify..

the True Lovers, the silent ones,

the essence of Love, who hate to show..

it only lies in their Silence, they know..!!



745. Why do you love me so much..??

O Lord, my Light..

my Leader, my Guide,

there, to stop me, always..

whenever misguided, or misled,

find you there, everytime..!!

Your voice in my ears, clear..

whenever I’m sinking in tears,

every single event, in life..

good or bad, I find you alight,

chants, I hear, in early hours..!!

Wake me up from sleep, deep,

your calls, the innermost ones,

it’s from within, I get the hint,

how to respond, idea,

not a single bit..!!

Your love blooms in me, like flowers,

bathes me thoroughly, it showers,

one day, I’ll meet you, to ask..

in me, what’s so special,

why you loved me so much..??



744. Feelings…

A Real Man…


The word, Man, in its real sense, was the one, I feel..

Was someone, I am blessed to be closely related with,

Compassion, boldness, existed equally in him..

Lucky to have spent most of my childhood days with him,

Under the canopy of his unconditional love, abundant..

All the love in his strictness, shaped our integrity perfect,

Today, we know how far to go in life, where to draw the line..

How to enjoy, also when to say a bold “NO”, quite polite,

We grew up with his perfect blend of spirituality and science..

Who walked his own path, always straight and upright,

The Lord made him a Doctor, to serve humanity in ample..

To soar high, helped him reach out to all, was his ambition,

To roam, all around the world, he loved to learn..

God’s most loved child, brought on earth on a special mission,

Never did he compromise on his belief systems and decisions,

His humility, his strength, his conscience, his guide..

Showed him his path, his own innermost Light,

So broad minded was he, never differentiated, never judged..

Always believed in soaring high, touching the sky,

Yet kept one of his foot always on the ground..

So that his advances in life, never make him proud,

So that it hurt him less, anyday, anyhow, if he fell..

Considered his duties, to be, always above himself,

Which further inspired the Lord to fulfill his dreams..

He was paid back in full, for whatever he did,

By giving him everything, whatever he dreamt..

An inspiring soul, our Grand Dad, our Mom’s father,

Today, on his birthday, him, we never fail to remember..

This year, being the twenty fifth one, of him leaving us forever,

The emptiness still exists, the void still there..!!


( A poem on my maternal grandfather, written on 17th July 2020. The day, this year, like every year, I miss him a lot. Much much more than the other days. That’s specially because, his last birthday in the year 1995 was his 78th and the last one, celebrated by us, his grandchildren. And just after 7 months, he met with a cardiac arrest and left us forever.

His absence left a special imprint on my young mind, much more than his presence. This must be what happens when you lose someone really close and share a silent connection with, which you get to know only after they leave.

Even after 25 years, that void never left, that pain never healed.)

Love and regards, Dadu.. β€πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•