… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …

383. A Cold Scold…

My cellphone, confused totally..

Quietly, for long, it observed me..

After watching me, the whole day

Asks me, quite politely,

Who are you, do I know you ??

I went totally blank, asked, what it meant by that,

Not knowing, how to react, it lost its network,

Though the network resumed, it went mute,

Took some time, to think for a while…

The following words, it murmured back, after a while..

“Think clearly how fast, you manage to switch roles..

Calls your son, you talk like a mom..

Calls your mom, you talk like her doll..

Calls your sister young, you guide like her elder one,

Calls your husband, you sound like his second hand,.

Calls up your friends, you giggle like a child,

Calls your in-laws, your relatives, I hear, you’re split into halves,

Have you ever thought, who you really are..??

You keep saying, you believe in being you,

Show me that Being, where is that You..??”

I replied, “How do you say I’m not being me,

The roles I play, they’re all scattered parts of me only..”

It smirks, saying, “Debi, don’t you forget this simple truth,

I hear your voice, every time you swipe my green call sign,

Through my ears only, you speak and laugh, each and every time.”

Actually, my ‘Being Me’ prefers, silence in such debates, not to argue with cells,

My ‘Being Me’ thinks, we, human beings are all rational animals, living in a human jungle,

‘Being Me’, to me, means, sharing with and caring for all around,

Or else, my ‘Being Me’, would’ve preferred, going to and living in, a green jungle, all alone..!!




367. Clicks-a-Puzzle…

There are times.,

Honestly speaking..

When I’m in much love..

With some of my clicks,

That I keep on watching,

As if, the person in the snap,

Can’t believe it to be, of Me..!!

Seriously, again..

Also there are times,

When some of my clicks,

I hate them so bad,

Those, I’m not ready to look at,

Yet again, I find them unbelievable..

How can those faces be mine..??

Height of self obsession,

And height of self hatred..

Both present in one person,

Sources being, all the varied photo clicks,

Of a single person, with so many different looks..!!

Hey World, looking at those crazy clicks, asks my best half..

“Won’t you look in a reel, the way you look in real..??”

Simply, leaving me more confused, as to..

Which clicks to be believed as the real me now..??

The ones who take me on cloud nine,

On my seventh heaven.,

Or the ones, which stops me from..

Looking at them the second time..??

Are there more such species like me on earth..

Or is it me, the crazy, the one and only..

Rarest of the rare, in this whole world, who remain puzzled,

Not knowing, how they exactly look like, still now..!!


Trying to add some humour in our lives, while laughing on myself, with all of you World.



365. Love, a teaser…

Love turns us crazy..

Or the crazy ones fall in Love ??

Love, loves playing word games, like a child,

Keeping us floating in dreams,

Juggling with our grey matter,

All jumbled in our minds.


Till the time comes, when one gets,

Totally drowned under the waves of love..

Those waves, they get hit by Reality’s rock,

Love’s game ends, with a damn shocking knock..

And we finally gain, our lost selves back..!!


Thus Love keeps,

This Typewriter quite busy,

Wondering, pondering enough,

Whether Love turns us crazy,

Or the crazy ones fall in Love..??


( Sorry World., this was done, just for some kidding, not to hurt anyone’s feelings.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜† )


355. An Old Typewriter…

Thirty posts, liked..

Within or around..

Only ten seconds..!!

‘Type writer’ gasped..

Why to ‘Like’..

If not liked,

Were they read..??


If yes, then..

Read by really..

Exceptionally blessed brains,

Intelligence Quotient, highest..

Appreciable reading speed,

Grasping power needs,

All the applauds..!!


Whereas, in here..

My dumb Brain..

It takes about..

Full one day,

Trying to read,

Posts of followers..

Say, around ten.


Do I need..

To increase speed..??

Or, I need..

Some brain tonic..??

Think Brain, think..

How to read,

With brainstorming speed..??


Or else leave..

Tell the world,

If lacking time..

Or getting irritated,

Just feel free..

To unfollow ‘Thoughtsmith’.




340. Venus voices, murmurs Mars…

They can’t say, “Love you.. love you” every day,

They’re silently there beside us, with their care, as they say.

They want us to get to know, want us to read their minds,

Without speaking out to us, on our own, from their replies.

But they’ll never explain, nor will they ever express,

How much and why they love us so much.

Knows very well, but never will they agree..

How much they’re dependent on us, emotionally.

Though they take us always for granted,

Still, for our acknowledgements, they’ll wait.

Knowing well, we’re quite good at being kind,

We read them well, take good care of their egoist minds..

They silently peep out, with meaningful smiles.

Asked to speak out words, if, a few,

With their body language, their expressions,

Anyhow they manage, totally, to take a turn U.

Instead of speaking out, they prefer to hide their care,

When they’re worried for us, shout the most, on who else, but us.

But, all through life, all their real concerns..

They’ll end up applying, silently, on us.

They may often, miss our names, on their lips,

With all the sugar-coated words, the ones love dipped.

But we’re never out of their heads,

This way or that, we’re always in their hearts.

They blame us, the women, confused, complicated,

Whom they’re unable to understand,

Whereas, they’re the most confused lot on this earth.

Don’t worry Venus Girls, they’re the ones who don’t know,

What they, the Mars Boys actually want from their lives.

Instead they only keep on confusing themselves,

By unnecessarily poking and confusing us.

Whereas, it’s we, the real simpletons from Venus,

Our emotions, our reactions, always so spontaneous.

We, ever so easy, so upright, so upfront,

On this earth, they’re the most complex beings from Mars,

With whom, this entertaining tiff, will continue always.

“We’ve stopped being kind,” let’s tell them..

“You, the confused minds, forever on earth, utilized us..

Please stop murmuring, you, the Men from Mars..!!”

What say you all, the beautiful Women from Venus..??


( P.S – Not to hurt anyone.. this thought was put together into words, just on a lighter note, to put some smiles, on those faces, who wish to smile like me, for no reason at all.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜† )


326. The Betrayal…

Peeping at me,

From behind my book shelf ,

A look, too sad..

Stared at me, as if asking,

To come near, come closer,

To hold tight, to pamper again.

Ignored, while searching..

For a novel, as I delved deep,

Something shook a bit,

And as soon as I got alert,

Shuts eyes, as if long asleep.

Caught my glimpse, I waited

To watch, what happened,..

Those eyes trembling, closed yet,

Winking a hide, a shelter to seek,

“Look at me..!!” Its silence yelled,

Trying hard to assure me, of my guilt.

Oh, I felt sorry, extremely,

Forgive me for forgetting you,

My all-time sweetheart,

My darling, my lovey-dovey,

O, my beloved, my bae..!!

A relief, was sighed..

As I kept everything away, embraced it..

Who longed for my touch, yearned for my warmth..

Missed my words, my mind’s works,

Cursed me and my tab, for, the love I betrayed,

The undaunted love of my beloved, my diary Red.



322. Tug of war…

Tsunami of emotions,

Bringing tumultuous turmoils in me.

Whirlpool of tears,

Drowning me deep within.

Whirlwind of feelings,

Uprooting me upwards.

Quicksand of words..

Gravitating me downwards.

Can’t hold myself straight,

A world, out of this world..

Beckoning me upwards,

Mundane world, wants to kiss me,

Not letting me go there..!!

Dreams, embracing me..

While nostalgia stabbing me from behind,

All of them pushing and pulling me apart,

From all opposite sides..!!

Do these words, make any sense..

Or me here, with words, creating a nuisance..??

Is this just an onset of Alzheimer’s..

Or, am I facing midlife crisis..??