… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


733. The Talking Writer..

Some write.. For money,

Some write.. To pass their time,

Some write.. As their hobby,

Some write.. For their passion,

To express their suppressed mind..

This Typewriter, here..

Cannot think, can’t even hold a pen..

Forget money, nor its pastime..

Neither its hobby..

Nor has any passion to write,

It just knows, to speak my mind..

it knows both, to talk and type..

Whatever the Thoughtsmith dictates..

It just knows to talk and type..

And that too, both, at the same time..!!



725. Straight from the heart…

The worst way to insult..

The emotional aspect of a blog,

Within seconds, ten posts, ‘Liked’,

Just to get back one, or get noticed.,

Without reading it right..!!


The best way to honour..

The thoughts, efforts of a blogger,

It’s better to leave it, as it is..

Not to read, if not having the time,

Not to ‘Follow’, if you don’t like..!!


Please don’t fake, no need to comment,

The blogs may not complain..

But they silently get to know,

Who genuinely reads..

Who takes out time to do so..!!

Even this post will be ‘Liked’..

Without reading it till the last,

Without knowing, it’s about them..

Thus missing the golden chance..

To thank me and my silly heart..

Won’t that be the funniest part ??


Felt like sharing something for leg-pulling and to laugh out loud altogether here..!!


656. Out of Mind..

All my chores done, responsibilities responded,.

a few minutes of ‘Me Time’, felt like cherishing with myself,

sitting blank with fixed eyes, on the home screen of my mobile,

scrolling down, searching, what’s in my mind..

on which, something I can think and I can scribble..

to relieve myself from my overthinking stress level,

something, to lighten my heavy Mind, something simple,

but, fingers weren’t at all ready to move and type,

opened WordPress, and my Mind happily went through all..

read and asked all your pending posts, in my Reader section,

they all smiled at and altogether suggested me..

to scribble down whatever came to me, naturally..

so, I started playing randomly with the keys, and I..

typed and typed all the alphabets haphazardly,

finally, when I checked, to find out, what all came out..

the height of mindlessness is here before you all..

this happens when Thoughtsmith and its Typewriter aren’t in sync..

when both are totally out of their Thoughts and Keys..!!




630. Love’s Test…

Loved a Love once silently, but opted not to speak it out..

..decided of loving in silence to put my love’s genuity to test..

..if only it comes back, then only its reality be attested.


Yes, years later, it came back to me certainly.. came to me on its own, without knowing, I was the one,

..who shot on him, my love dipped arrow first, silently.


Yes, to me, it came back like a boomerang.,

..proposing me, to consider him, as my love’s dove..

..unaware, he was already there in my dreamland..!!

Somehow, things, how I dreamt, didn’t turn up.. my feelings, to him, I never ever opened up, but..

..feelings reach their destinations silently, for which I was more happy about..!!


So, by this, one thing I got to know…

..Love, silently follows Newton’s third law too..

Love, has an equal and opposite reaction, when true..!!


Till date, knowing this much, I’m the happiest.. silent love attracted My Love’s attention, in silence,

..silent love, always original and genuine, proved hence..!!


( Extracted from a real life incident.. Just for laughs, and for some change.. πŸ˜†πŸ˜† )

619. The Talkative Me..

So much noise inside..

So much noise in me,

Sitting quiet to meditate..

But can’t focus on one point.

So much noise inside..

So much noise in me,

My ‘me’ talks nonstop..

It talks continuously to me.

So much noise inside..

So much noise in me,

I forget to talk to others outside,

I’m so much engrossed in me.

Question myself..

And search for their answers,

Answer myself, while..

Search for their questions again.

God, while creating my brain,

Must have forgot then and there,

To take his question paper

Out from my brain.

Hence I carry on my days

Talking nonstop to myself,

While the world finds me quiet

I’m talking nonstop in my brain.

…………………………. βœπŸΌπŸ’•

592. The Typewriter…

I’m having a mini Typewriter,

Which came to me..

From my first man, my father,

Which was handed over to him..

By my grandfather..!!


As a child,

I used to admire it a lot,

Never knew, one day,.

It’ll be, the..

User name of my blog..!!


To me, it’s very very precious,

Very very close to my heart,

As it’s the only thing,

Indirectly, I inherited..

From my grand dad..!!


Not to part with it,

So, preserving it..

Attend to it very carefully,

Without any idea..

what to do with it finally..!!


Time rolled..

My grand dad, away he passed,

More time fled,

My dad also breathed his last,

Leaving behind, their touch,

Their words, their Typewriter..!!


Now the machine sits quiet,

Observes me, its owner,

From the rack’s corner,

While it’s dusted, cleaned,

At regular intervals..!!


Its keys..

Keep on asking me silently,

“Why do you love us..

Why you still look after..

Why care for us so well..??”


How to reveal, not the machine..

I love my forefathers’ touch on it,

The only game, eternally I love,

With the letters, the alphabets..

And the cute little keys,

To voice out my words with..!!

………………………. βœπŸΌπŸ’•πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„