… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


976. Feelings…

How do you relax?

The Pages, place of my Solace..,

Whenever I feel trapped within my expectations and the realities, thus feel cheated and betrayed by my own self and my own dreams, I write..

Whenever I feel suffocated, unable to think, what to do next to cool myself down, my pen helps me to shed some tears and set to sail again, but alone..

Time and efforts to set my mind right back in its own place, along with my own self, when they fail, I go blank, silent, dumb, and turn my diary pages vigorously, to write,.

Writing gives me a different kind of solace, a strange relief, which helps me express myself, whenever I feel like struggling with my own feelings and emotions..

The pages, on which I pen down my views, worries, struggles, fears, hurts, beliefs.. where I pour my heart out,. they talk to me, correct me, console me, comfort me,.

Me, my pen and my pages, we make a perfect bond of strength, of respect, of unconditional love, we complete each other, tuned to stay together, friends till eternity..!!