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Another piece of jewel sharing from ‘Ace’.. FREEDOM – Sophomore Album Out Now!!!!

It’s finally here!!!! I never thought I’d be able to follow up IMAGINE + REALITY, especially not this soon. I’m excited to tell you that I have!! This album is different but it comes from the same place of love, light and freedom! I’m so excited I finally get to share this full album with […]

FREEDOM – Sophomore Album Out Now!!!!

Amazing work..!! 🙏🏼😇


From ‘Infinite Living’.. ‘Difference’

Photo by myself I used to remain smallto keep others comfortableThey did console themselvesthat I am nobody big I am nobody bigI am no small either There is a big difference… I wish us all to continue to live with the truth of our being, with courage and compassion in relation to each other. I […]


Indeed.. It’s different..!! 🙏🏼😇💕🤗👌🏼

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From Savvy Raj.. ‘Becons of Hope’

Your choice to be who you are Rests with you. You choose the way you behave Your attitude to life is your own. Your behavior is yours to own. Show up for yourself Choose to be the best you can! Choose to leave a heart print of hope Whenever you can Wherever you are. The […]

Becons of Hope

Can’t thank this awesome blogger more for this beautiful morning inspiration.. Feeling blessed to follow her.. 🙏🏼😇


Please do visit ‘The Puzzles of the Soul’ through her ‘Repetitive Thoughts’..

Here’s a fist full of Light from an enlightened mind, a great blogger.. Thank you so much Nanette.. It’s so enlightening.. Felt like sharing with the world. 🙏🏼🤗💕

As above so below There is no time like now to finish the traumatic stories you keep hanging onto and move on. Deal with life as it happens do not allow it to go into repeat in the mind, as the mind willingly holds you there locked on a repetitive thoughts. Take control of your […]

Repetitive Thoughts


767. A Beautiful Feel..

This says, ‘Oh Mother, not Corona, we want Humanity, let it become a virus and infect each one of us. ‘

The above image inspired me to think on this and scribble the following lines.. Enjoy…. 👍🏼😇🤗💕

I wish..

Love would have been a virus,

Humanity, Compassion..

Understanding, Kindness..

all these emotions,

if all of them turned viruses,

and, by them.,

we all would have got infected..

how beautiful..

this world would have been,

no sanitisers, no vaccines..

no fights, no killings..

all happy beings everywhere..

all happy, roaming freely..!!


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Enjoy this share – ‘The math of marriage’ by a talented blogger, a good friend of mine, ‘Paensunplugged’…

We were two points journeying in linear lines our planes intersected changing the course of direction! Though the plan was to run parallel happily life keeps changing shapes and relative distance so now, sometimes we run in concentric circles at others we are diametrically opposite! We have run the entire gamut from being right angled […]

The math of marriage