… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


462. Your Impact…

Got something from the internet today, for you all, to feel good..




352. For all of us…

We’re making so much fun out of ourselves, everyday..

Sadly, it’s true.. isn’t it World..??



347. Sigh..!!

That Voice..

Such a Soul stirring one,

So restless, one Soul,

Can’t wait..

To meet HIM,

Knowing, when its Time,

They’ll certainly meet,

Knowing not,..




339. We aren’t Alone..

Hello World..,

Got something, profound,

For you, today, to think about.

Who are you, who am I..

To our own Selves..

How many We, we all have there.

We’re Someone to our parents,

Someone else to our siblings,

Someone to our cousins,

Someone else to our friends,

Someone else to our spouses,

Someone to our children,

Someone to our neighbours,

Someone else too, at work.

As one person, we think..

We’re One in ourself,

But, to different people,

So many versions, of us, we have.

Profoundness of this thought,

Kept Thoughtsmith immersed,

Isn’t this something, World..

To think seriously about..??

How we think, we’re some One,

But in fact, we aren’t One at all..

So many We are there within us,

There, we aren’t alone at all.



334. He made us, or we made Him..??

Our search for perfection,.

How can we seek..??

When, we ourselves only,

Are imperfectly made.

This whole world, I find..

Is nothing, but an illusion.

Our Creator, Perfect of all..

HE perfectly created HIS world.

But, as soon as HE created us,

HE did his blunder, biggest.

That’s when..

Imperfect HE became,


That’s how..

WE made HIM imperfect..!!



310. Trust the Truths..

Tiny, tender, one twinkling star..

Hearing the silence of a heart,

Took no time to fall in love…

With the Moon, in the sky,

The star fell for it..

At once..!!


It loved to love a silent love,

Didn’t believe in telling all,

Disliked, boasting on,

Yelling all around,

Loud enough..!!


Brought its beloved near,

Its belief, its will power,

If true, its feelings…

Its love, if genuine,

They do create..


Unique !!


Sheer faith in love, true and silent..

Both came closer, one day,..

Near the star, stopped by,

Its Moon, itself..

One day !!


Though repeatedly, gets hit,

A string, in a guitar..

It seldom leaves,

Tries to stay..

Tied to it..



Knowing, each day, the sun sets,

Instead of feeling betrayed,

For the sun to rise again,

A sunflower keeps on..

Waiting for it,



In spite of more such miracles..

Everyday, many around us..

They doubt such powers,.

The powers of silence,

The profound Truth..

In those Trusts.


Afterthought —

From many real life incidents, I, myself, have experienced these.. — the strength in our Will, — the power in our Patience, Trust and Silence. These, eventually, made me believe in Miracles, by heart.

( πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Provided, the feelings are selflessly genuine and for good causes.)

Believe me World, if you keep your inner eyes open, you’ll be able to see, that the Universe too has ears, to listen to your inner voices..!! Yes yes, sure.. you can try.. at least once.



306. Mouths, to shout..??

“It’s my mouth, I’ll shout.. What’s your problem..??”

( — At work, someone shouted this on someone else, who, instead, was trying to explain him his point quite softly, as it should be done., It was very much evident that the other one was using his voice to defend his illogical stand. As if, he had a copyright on his mouth, on his shouts. Felt so silly, so ashamed thinking ourselves as human beings. There is always a best possible way to everything, Nature created us for a purpose, and the powerful we, the intellectual we, misuse them anyhow, to prove our worth. So the following lines came out from my silly mind now.. )


Nature gave us mouths to eat,

So, to keep ourselves alive,

So that, our duties, we abide,

To pour out our feelings,

Deep from inside.


To talk, to laugh, to smile..

To kiss a promise,

To stay beside,

But, we, the selfish we,..

Take everything..

On our own silly stride.


Forgot nature and its gift, unique,

Use it mostly for unnecessary rantings,

Abuses, verbal, we cater around,

Blames, stings, we enjoy our shouts abound.


Misuse our tongues, by foul mouths..

Tongues now work less, talk more around,

They now taste less, more they take tests..

First, they verbally detest,

To showcase our power, intellect,

Then, they wait to watch, who, how reacts..

Whom to poke, instigate, whom to shout at.


So, let’s forgive and forget..

Let’s come forward, we..

The fools of the world, let’s unite..

Let’s try, not to argue much, do rant less.


Let’s only talk, if we know, how to..

Or else just keep mouths shut,

Open only when,

We need to laugh out loud..

Only when we need to spread,

Some of our smiles out.