… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


977. Maturity speaks..

Maturity, to me, in so many diffrent ways, it speaks.,

It shows me, the real me, even all my hidden vices beneath,

Strengths, which I knew not I had, along with the other me, the meak.,

Accept facts, which once, I found quite tough to gulp.,

Ignore things, which once made me mad, now I go dumb..

It reminds me, how I used to lend my shoulders to my mom.,

Asking her not to react, how to go deaf to few situations..

But, while I cross the same phase of my life as hers.,

I find her reactions so natural, so correct, so spontaneous..

Learning to take things in their own stride, at their own time.,

Maturity smiles at me when, me, a puppet in the hands of time, it finds !



975. The Magic of Silence..

When you are in love..

You don’t need to see or say,.

Don’t need to hear anything anyway,

You get to read, smile and listen..

to all the emotions of your loved ones,

Your eyes start reading without seeing,.

Your lips start smiling without speaking,.

Your ears start to listen without hearing,.

Isn’t it totally magical or somewhat divine,

How you get to feel,

How you get to sense..

the feelings of your loved ones,

If you have a tender heart and..

Quite a sensitive mind, which thinks.


P. S – This I randomly penned down while thinking about our grown up son, who’s quite shy and prefers to stay silent, unable to express himself. There are a very few moments when we found him freely expressing his feelings and emotions. But, needless to say, we, the moms get to listen to their silence so well, as if a piece of our heart is placed in a corner of their heart as well.

This is Love, something magical, somewhat divine..!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•… πŸ€—



974. It’s Your day today, Life..

Life, you give us some wonderful moments..

As well as some awful moments too in life,

Moments, yes, they’re the real teachers of our life..

You, the Principal of your school, depute Moments to teach us all.

None better than you, Life, knowing all our firsts..

All our first days, the ones on this earth, then in school, in our classes,

Our first friendships, our first crushes..

Our first hatred, our first love.

Our first interaction with life’s varied truths..

Yes, all those bitter moments of our life too,

Having your own sweet ways to teach us all,

That, they’re nothing, just life’s parts and parcels.

They’re the inevitable ones, the ones who are bound to challenge us..

Time to time, testing our so called strengths, weaknesses, our patience,

To teach who are the ones to stay there, all through with us..

And who else are going to use and finally leave us.

How we, now, laugh out Life, with all your wide spectrum of colours..

Wiping or gulping all your sweet and salty tears..!!



971. Mind needs to know..

Need to speak.. speak to the Mind,

to tell the Mind..

..not to mind..!!

Not everyone.. needs to count on..

not everything.. needs to bother about,

It needs to know..

it’s own limitations, growths..

It too needs to know.. far it can go,

Need to tell the Mind..

how it needs to learn..

Yes, still to learn so much.. much to learn from Life..!!



970. Caught Him Peeping..


When I see something like this..

My words choke, I go all wordless,

Today early in the morning..

Just at the break of the dawn,

My Lord visited me..

An awestruck me, saw my Lord.

The sunrise and sunsets..

Grew common over the time,

But what about such a visit of His..

Where mum goes the Mind.

Feeling so helpless today,

Getting to see this, seems so divine,

Can desire for more births ahead..

To put all these feelings into a word’s hive..!!


( Image courtesy- Google images )


969. Not fair..!!

The more I breathe,the more I live,

every day, one thing, getting clear to me,

the more I’m going within..

more I’m getting to explore my being,

the more I’m getting to know..

the real me, the real person dwelling within.

Knowing my inner being, layer by layer..

I find, that one weakness of others,

become so prominent to us..

that their thousands of qualities,

we never adhere.

Whereas, that one quality of ourselves,

we focus on, so strongly..

that our thousands of weaknesses,

so easily we make them disappear..

not fair, not at all fair..!!