… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …

384. Vibes…


reach our hearts,

much faster,

even before…

they’re spoken out,

even before…

they’re put into words,

their timing..

always before time,

they travel..

through our vibes..!!



381. To Plead…


Here’s someone pleading before you..

A Soul, to part ways with its Body,

It wanted to serve humanity,

But couldn’t, its Body wasn’t ready,

Soul couldn’t reach there Bodily,

So, all it wants now, to go alone, get ready,

Sooner it needed to reach, the needy..!!


Please, dear Prayer,

Please, tell them now..

Body can never escape,

It can never leave the Soul,

Till the Body returns back all..

Whatever, it has taken from this World..!!



369. Life’s alive…


a wheel,


with a heart,


few pulses,




a chain,

of breaths..





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368. At their best..

Someone’s tears..

Help someone else..

Gulp laughing pills,

To enjoy their life.

Cruelty and kindness..

Play side by side,

Both, at the same time,

Both, at their best..!!



354. TWENTY lines on ONE Word…

Hey World, only One word..

Diminishes distances,

When said..

With genuine feelings,

Directly from our hearts.

Genuinely said or not, speaks the language of the body,

Sometimes it’s used so casually,

Saying it, just for the sake of saying,

Sometimes, even better, it helps in escaping..

From situations odd, if any.

It has its unique power,

To stop arguements, unnecessary.

Much powerful, this word of letters five,

Can create worlds, can ruin them too..

Merely by speaking it out, be it fake or true.

Doesn’t work for all, sometimes..

Our actions, if keenly observed,

If they’re repeated or not,

SORRY to say, it depends..

On how frequently it is heard..!!


(( — By this one word, the real faces of people can be seen,
the real words of the hearts, can be heard. Never ever try to fake it, World..!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ’• ))


349. The Maps or the Manuals..??

Ants inspire.. to keep on going, doesn’t matter how long, but, to be ready for the struggles, all through life…

Their action speaks of loving whatever they do while fully living their life.

Grasses green inspire.. to keep growing, how many times life may walk over on us, to come out forever fresh, clean…

Spreading ourselves all around, keeping intact, our evergreen childhood within.

Birds inspire.. to keep soaring, not alone, but with our flock, with people around us, altogether…

Their innocence can’t stop them, from crossing any Line Of Control, nor any territorial border.

Clouds inspire.. to keep pouring the warmth of our love, while wandering, supervising all over the world…

We can’t bind them within our territories all, which are imaginarily drawn.

Rain inspires.. to let go our sorrows, while cleansing our minds…

Following the clouds, they keep on loitering, washing and cleansing, worldwide.

Flowers inspire.. whatever be, to keep blooming everyday afresh, spreading all around, their fragrance…

Beautifying any place, anywhere in the world, with their colourful presence.

Trees inspire.. they teach us to love and give, sharing their fruits, their soothing shade, meant for all…

Without any distinction, with all the beings on earth, they share their cool shelter of love, standing tall.

Rivers inspire.. to move on, leaving back our past, to join a larger life ahead, flowing and joining the ocean…

To keep exploring new places, new people, traveling enroute, cooling suffering souls, loving and serving all.

Mountains inspire.. to stand straight and bold, to fight back upright, come what may…

Continuously guarding us from bigger troubles, facing the natural calamities, all the odds, themselves.

Oceans inspire.. to look for the depths of life, its waves teach us, not to take anything away, always to give it back…

Even if, anytime, we retreat for a while, we learn to aggress ahead, always back with much bigger bangs.

Maps are followed, to follow border lines, encouraging hatred, magnifying our differences more…

Instead, the above Manual of life, if borrowed from nature, the whole world, be one beautiful place, for us to stay altogether.


— The list doesn’t end here, there are much much more examples to prove that, Nature is made of Hearts only, it has got no Mind. That’s how, it is so love full and kind. That’s where we, the rational beings will fail, ever.. to reach, to attain that height of the Supreme. That’s where we’re on a path totally opposite from our Mother Nature., Away from The Lord.

Now, only Nature itself has to be Her own Saviour.. by killing us.



348. Minds have Hearts too…

To a Heart, asked a Mind,

“Anything you want to say,.

What’re you up to, by the way..??

Why you seem so restless,

Are you seriously upset..??”


Heart searches for words,

It finds itself clueless,.

Couldn’t answer a word,

Kept staring blank..

Asked the same questions,

To its ownself.


After taking..

A deep breath within,

It gathered its..

Crumbled pieces,

Came back to its normalcy,

And replied with poise…


” O Mind..

Please don’t mind,

In me, there’s nothing to hide,

But don’t know how to say,

But, in me too, there’s..

A tiny Mind inside.


I often get confused,

Whom to listen, whom not to..

The person who bears me

Listens to you..

And the Mind whom I bear,

Listens to me.


Everyone knows..

There’s a conflict between us,

My tiny mind often asks,

If it can listen to me,

Then why can’t you,



The Mind replied,

“If that is so..,

Then let me, forego my ego,

In me too, there’s nothing to hide,

In me too, I’ve a heart,

Much soft and kind..!!”