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699. Feelings…

Ends never come alone. They come with pretty handful of packages. God’s timings are always so thoughtful which we get to understand later on. He cleanses them physically, emotionally and spiritually, the ones, whose time on earth are nearing their end. Such a wonderful plan he chalks out, for his children. It seems, as if, before lifting up his children in his embrace, he cleanses the dust and dirt away from them.

The aged and ailing people nearing their finishing lines are mostly found so much aloof and cut off from the worldly affairs. Interest lost from all material stuffs, from everybody around them. Not that their brain acts less actively but mostly because they lose interest. Knowing very well that everything and everyone around them are momentary. Most of them turn towards the divine, the spiritual phase of life, the phase of detachment. Their everyday tantrums seem so funny, so illogical, so childish yet so loving and interesting.

Yes, ‘child’ is the perfect word for them at this stage. They become more of a child, look more like a child and expect people around them to take them as child too. Their tantrums mostly demand the attention of their loved ones. Which they feel they’re gradually losing. Just like a restless child comes under control as soon as they get our attention.

Rules of Mother Nature are so well planned. The more the final phase of decay and death comes nearer, the more restless and childish they become. People around them fail to understand that these overgrown kids are well aware of their condition, their counted days and most importantly their helplessness. And that only makes them more vulnerable, more illogical, more desperate to demand for our importance and attention.

Thus, be patient, loving and caring towards them or anyone aged around. May be you get to feel their warm tears running on your cheeks one day, but it would have been too late to feel sorry.

Think World, think.. πŸ€—πŸ’•

……………………………… βœπŸΌπŸ’•


693. Feelings…

The magnificent view of the evening sky at 4pm today, just left me spellbound. The clouds spoke to me and told me something very deep, in their special language of silence, I couldn’t resist myself to scribble them down to share with you all here. Hope you like their thoughts..!!

Their thoughts on our spiritual well-being…

Focus, the gist of successful life. Specially for spiritual well-being. Perseverance, an urge, a thirst, to know the real truth, hidden beneath life, is followed by the urge to know the spiritual path with abundant mental strength, focus and focus only..!!

Without applying our acquired wisdom or knowledge into our day to day life, without bringing them into daily practice, whole of our wisdom goes useless. As a result the whole of the acquired knowledge flows away like a flowing river, like the passing clouds. They become just merely passing thoughts. What’s the use of such wisdom, which remain in our minds just as some mere passing thoughts..?!! Just like flowing rivers, those wise words, if not practiced, they emerge, move on and get lost in the vast ocean of other random thoughts within our minds only. Spirituality, if not practiced, they get lost in the minds, as mere words of beauty, nothing else..!!

Whatever read, listened, talked and thought about, if not practiced, if not applied in our daily life, are left as it is, as mere momentary motivational or inspirational thoughts..then what’s the use of such wisdom..?? A mere show off..?? Huh.. Sigh..!!

So, the prime need is only and only focus. Determination plays the pivotal role in spirituality. A focussed life requires a great amount of faith, introspection and will power.

Life’s diversities are more than enough to distract one’s thought process, focus and will-power. Lacking the much needed determination to tread the path towards the higher light is the biggest hindrance, which disrupts a spiritually inclined mind’s development. Losing the perfect focus, procrastination, indisciplined life style, are the main causes which helps in leaving a mind totally derailed, scattered, putting it away from its higher goal, landing it to stay engrossed in the mean worldly diversions alone..!!

The innermost Guide, its Voice, its Light, should be listened to, trusted and followed, in order to prioritise the inner Being, its calling and its urge to meet the Super Being.

The inner Voice shouldn’t be overheard, the inner Light shouldn’t be overlooked, if there’s an inner calling to rise high spiritually. There’s no place for procrastination in this life, if one wants to rise.

Good luck World..!!



689. Feelings…

Urmi silently kept staring at the birds, chirping outside her window.. with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Though, her lips stayed mum, but her heart cried out a repeated “why..??” from within, all day long.

Called me up, and detailed me everything whatever happened and how she felt from within.

Me – “I warned you beforehand sweetie, this was going to happen to you too. I knew it as I knew him also, so well. This was the actual He. Now you know..?? He befriends people and leaves them midway, specially the girls, the soft hearted ones. That too, without any reason. Must be he gets bored very easily, it’s a kind of psychological sickness. He has done the same even with some of the boys of our group. He’s too selfish to be friends with anyone. He’s too clever, when he needs someone to pass his free times, to cheer himself up, to boost himself and his ego up and he’s done.

So, please,.. He’s not the friend, who deserves your time on regretting or missing, nor even thinking about him any further, sweety..!!”

( Urmi’s closest friend Sanjay, whom she really respected as the best of all her friends. He judged her. Yes, he judged her. She could have answered him back right then and there, but she chose not to. He made some very lame and judgemental comment about her attitude towards their friendship. He directly accused her of being weird and incorrigible, doubted her sanity in two long sentences, which knocked her pretty hard. She couldn’t forget as she felt terribly insulted. But she decided, just to smile and leave him forever. She instantly got the message from within, it’s time, she should leave, that he actually wanted her to leave or he himself wanted to go.. )

Urmi – “Yes, dear, you were so correct, even I had a gut feeling too. My inner voice hinted but I ignored..and I so so deserve this. He used my simplicity to choose a friend for him. I thought of giving him a chance to prove himself a better friend to me, if not to others. I was damn wrong Debby. This taught me, the worldly hush-hush’s aren’t always wrong. There are reasons people say things about others. We should think over them sometimes, I feel now.”

Me – ” Yes, your time was over here Urmi. He so readily judged you, which says it was planned. He wouldn’t have been there in this friendship anymore, how much you’d have justified yourself to him or have kept on trying to convince him. He wouldn’t have taken them. His words say that, Time has finally arrived to bid a goodbye to the ‘friendship’, from which the ‘friend’ is ready to leave the ‘ship’ for you to sail through your life.”

Urmi – “I also chose not to utter a single word Debby., rather smirked a little and left. If he himself can choose to lose a friend like me, randomly, anytime, then he don’t deserve any clarification too.. How am I supposed to ask him the reason behind this sudden comment and beg for any clarification..?? Well and good, I felt bad, so I left. Let him think on it later, and feel sorry all his life.

But yes, I chose to leave on a good note.. Hence, the smile.

Debby, I believe in silent smiles than words. I believe while leaving anyone for lifetime, we don’t need loud arguments, fights or bitter tasting tears. Rather, a simple ‘thank you smile’ which silently conveys everything. It gives quite a clear message, ‘Over and Out.’

In such exits, there remains a benefit of doubt. A way for the other person to realize, feel sorry and come back. But not the same for the smiling lips on the other side. It may be the one saying,..

… Thanks for getting to know the ‘wrong me’, and letting me know the ‘real you’.. thus letting our caged friendship free forever.”

Me – “So so well done Urmi. Yes, definitely,. It completely depends on you, whether you want to give your friendship any second chance or not. You shouldn’t be there anymore, to justify your weirdos. Friendship isn’t about being judgemental or voicing out for clarifications. It’s more about charging the other one, straight on face, to give a way to a clarification., like..

He : “why did you say this..?”

She : “oh, I didn’t mean this..!!”

But here, it was on a different note with a different tone. Which Urmi was quite intelligent to get and quite tender to get hurt. As if a complete judgement was passed.. like..

‘You are like this..!!’

Ok.. Well and good then.. Urmi, well done. You valued his judgement, it shows, you really respected him. So, you valued his words more than him.”


— Feelings from Real life lessons.. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‡

(*Names of the characters changed..)

681. Feelings…

Dear Self.,

I was feeling terrible today. I feel, as if I myself is the only one.,

… who’s the most misfit being on this earth, in this whole world of grown ups. I find myself so childish, so simple.

… One, who loves to trust everyone around, enjoys light minded laughter, love to look at the good sides of all around, telling them of their strengths, their goodnesses, boost them up with words of love, and most importantly, to avoid discussions on serious day to day issues, be it personal, politics or any of such boring grown-up stuffs.

… One, who hates judging people around, more than often. I hate arguing unnecessarily with others, in order to prove my likes and dislikes, to put my points to them, only to show how much I know, how efficient I’m in convincing people, and how easily..!! Instead, I enjoy light hearted laughter, sharing some moments of smiles and move on. What’s all the fuss about in picking up names and gossiping about other people’s lives. They must have their own reasons to live their life differently, unlike ours. It’s their choice to live life their way. Why to bother or stop the matured beings according to my wish, my likes..?? If they choose to dig their own potholes and jump in it, will they listen to my words and stop themselves..?? No.. never., their temporary enjoyments they’ll prefer more, always. If I’m not comfortable in doing as they expect me to, then I’m marked as immature, childish, ignorant.

Ignorance is bliss, you know that, right..?? But it’s sad enough, you don’t get the real feel of it. And yes, I enjoy being ignorant, as it gives me enormous mental peace.. Any problem..?? If yes, then it’s yours, not mine..!! So, here, I laugh at your problem with me World..!!

… One, who don’t feel like acting my age. It serves me abundant happiness. It does come to me spontaneously. I have to remind myself to act my age. And that’s quite a burden for my mind and heart. They are my little ones, for whom, I’m here, to take care of..!!

So, please People..

I beg of you..

Live your own life,

Don’t waste your time on me,

I won’t be able to be like you all,

Leave me alone, on my own..

Let me Live, on my own terms World..!!


677. Feelings…

Dear Life,

Me, as a teacher, for the last 27 years in different schools in different parts of my country, came in contact with lots and lots of children from different cultural backgrounds, different strata of our society.

I experienced., the human race and its thought process is degenerating and getting degraded through generations. It silently hurts me from within.

I feel.,

..humans gradually turning inhumane, they’re turning so self centered. Thoughtlessness, Ego and Apathy ruling them all over. Everywhere we turn, we find hypocrisy prevailing, where people saying something and doing something else. Treachery and Lies everywhere, ahead of us, in every step. As a result, Affection, Compassion, Faith, Kindness, Love like emotions taking a total backseat in humans. These emotions are used, rather misused for everyday selfish reasons, taking advantage of the kind hearts, faking them to meet their own mean purpose.

I think.,

..the need of the hour is a subject like Moral Science, in the pre-primary levels in schools. A science, which ingrains positivity, moral values, a holistic approach towards life’s turmoils and upheavals, teaching us how to overcome life’s shortcomings, how to overview life from all aspects, a philosophical view of life and its purpose through tales and stories. It’ll be very beneficial for the children in their formative years, for shaping them and their life in future.

I strongly suggest., should be introduced and made compulsory in the pre-primary levels in all government and private schools, to save the coming generations from the massive degradation of humanity as a whole. Specially in the formative years of the children to help them learn to think twice, the pros and cons, before taking a single step ahead.

I loved it., in my childhood, all through my formative years, this subject silently provided so much positivity and hopeful approach towards any hopeless situation in me. Till now, in any moment of depression or sadness, I can help myself overcome and recover from any negative situation with ample amount of hope, abundant strength and courage, remembering what I was taught at that time. They all got so deeply ingrained in my brain since childhood.

I know.,

..though society is bound to change its course with time, due to the rules of evolution. This is social evolution as change is mandatory in every sphere of life, always. But, introducing this subject in the formative years of human beings will certainly help the coming generations. They, I find nowadays, are bound to take refuge under various addictions in order to forget or forego any odds, shortcomings and failures in their lives, unable to handle the natural obstacles of life. It’ll help them see those odds as mere trivial hurdles, and not some of the biggest hindrance stopping their steps ahead. They’ll be able to pull themselves up and stand courageous, ready to face any odd..!!

I thank., stars, for, I came on this earth at such a time, when I got all the resources, which shaped my thoughts likewise, to which, at least, I try to enkindle the Light of Morality and endless Hope, in the future generations to come. Be it my son, my school students, and any child around.

I believe.,

..if not all, a few will remember and follow them. May that be my two cents of contribution in this World. My ‘Ikigai’, my reason for being.

Love you Life..!!



676. Feelings…


The silent souls inspired me always. Since childhood I used to get attracted towards the introvert, the silent, the sober, the soft, the shy ones, who avoided speaking about themselves, instead, their work showed their worth.

In today’s world, what I hate about it the most, is the self acclaimed appreciations, self promotions, propaganda on one’s own achievements loud enough to make people applaud, remember them and their success, and sometimes, it even seems that, it’s done pretty forcefully.

Isn’t it so ridiculous..??

Whereas many people I see, I meet, who never speak about themselves, their strengths and qualities, rather, they appreciate the beauty and strength, the commendable skills in other’s works.

Not that they aren’t confident of themselves or they lack the boldness. They, simply, don’t want to speak about themselves to the outside world on their own, until they succeed in accomplishing something large, so that their accomplishments speak out loud enough about them.

But, now a days, they are laughed at as weak, scared, unsmart, incompetent and ridiculed the most.

I feel for them, I understand them, they are the strongest ones of all. Of all the self proclaimed or acclaimed, successful ones.

Once, there was a popular saying in Bengali. If I translate it in English, the saying will somewhat come like this,.

‘Speaking about our own greatness doesn’t make us great,

Our greatness solely depends on what the world says.’

When I was young, my Maa often said these lines, which I never ever paid that much attention to. But, as soon as I started to step forward in life, I started to recall them, understand the profoundness, the depth and strength in it. And I, so so strongly believe in this saying too, which is gradually losing its meaning with Time now.

Gradually losing our inner strength, our depth, our profound and solid base, our foothold on major values and belief systems, our thinking prowess..!!

Where are we heading towards, ultimately, World..?? Without the much needed balance on our rich cultural heritage while keeping pace with the modern times, with the so called aggressing Time, aren’t we regressing..??

Feeling so sorry for the near future of The Poor We..!!!