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592. The Typewriter…

I’m having a mini Typewriter,

Which came to me..

From my first man, my father,

Which was handed over to him..

By my grandfather..!!


As a child,

I used to admire it a lot,

Never knew, one day,.

It’ll be, the..

User name of my blog..!!


To me, it’s very very precious,

Very very close to my heart,

As it’s the only thing,

Indirectly, I inherited..

From my grand dad..!!


Not to part with it,

So, preserving it..

Attend to it very carefully,

Without any idea..

what to do with it finally..!!


Time rolled..

My grand dad, away he passed,

More time fled,

My dad also breathed his last,

Leaving behind, their touch,

Their words, their Typewriter..!!


Now the machine sits quiet,

Observes me, its owner,

From the rack’s corner,

While it’s dusted, cleaned,

At regular intervals..!!


Its keys..

Keep on asking me silently,

“Why do you love us..

Why you still look after..

Why care for us so well..??”


How to reveal, not the machine..

I love my forefathers’ touch on it,

The only game, eternally I love,

With the letters, the alphabets..

And the cute little keys,

To voice out my words with..!!

………………………. βœπŸΌπŸ’•πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

Author: The Typewriter

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