… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


549. His Apparatus..

The Lord put an apparatus,

in each one of us.

It records all our actions,

keeping its focus all day long,

on each thought of us..!!

At night, with the moonlight,

when we all sleep,

tip toeing, He and His angels,

our mind, our heart,

of us all, they come and visit..!!

Getting inside us..

sits, rewinds the apparatus,

He views, replays, take notes,

messages, He leaves..

for us, of each of our deeds..!!

He goes back and sends..

the sun rays, with his comments,

to deliver them to us all,

on all our rights and wrongs..!!

Leaves within us, the cameras on,

only to come again, the other night,

to watch anything, if we learnt,

from our past actions or not..!!

The Lord’s CCTV cameras..

beware of those inner eyes,

his trusted apparatuses,

fixed permanently, in all of us..!!

………………………………. βœπŸΌπŸ’•


514. A Visit to the Kingdom of Clouds..

Seventh Heaven, I haven’t been, though, once, I met Cloud Nine,

While watching from the sky, the activities of the clouds,

Seemed totally different, from what we see, down from the ground.


Five smaller ones, soft and light, floating high above..

Three really big, heavy and rough, floating, much below us..

One moderate sized, a fluffy one, floating alone, along my flight.


Looked just like one teenage girl, floating in a frilly skirt, long..

Roaming and swirling all around, searching for words of praise, for her skirt, from someone..

Came near, towards the aisle seat of my flight, knocked the window, in which I was sitting just beside.


Gifting me a cute little smile, showed her white and blue frilly skirt,

Might be, it was a new one on her birthday, for which her mamma bought.


My praising gesture overjoyed her, waving me a bye she flew afar..

In total awe, couldn’t stop myself, gazing at her, as far as I could, my eyes desperately followed her.


Where did it go, that tiny angel, gifting me such a beautiful jewel,

Till date, that encounter with Cloud Nine, could never forget..!!


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363. The Magic of Innocence…

Always restless, free and carefree..

Always filled with enthusiasm, stays excited to the extreme.

Innocence, brimming all through their laughing faces and smiling eyes..

How loving, their giggles, their divinely toothless smiles..!!

They being the most fun loving ones on this earth,

Filled with deadly novel ideas, innumerous, make us laugh our hearts out.

Keeping us on our toes, always running after them,

With know-not-what, all half cooked words, mostly goes unspoken.

Their happiness quotient, always on top of the world,

Makes them the most lovable species on earth, among all.

Do we know, what makes these bald, toothless angels, so adorable..??

Amidst all the nothingness, what makes them attract us so much..??

With the sounds of their laughter, how their eyes widen and brighten..??

In any crowded place, I swear, how our eyes rush on a child’s killer smiles..??

It’s only because, they are the bundles full of positivity and warmth..

We’ve no expectations from them at all, simply nothing, but what they expect.,

Is a hearty laughter, a simple smile, ample kisses and a bit of love, from all of us..!!


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148. Two, yet One…

They were different, yet somewhere similar,

They being two, were bonded as one somewhere..

If one was from the North, the other,..

..from the Southern hemisphere.,

Still, they both, very much belonged to each other.


One quiet, shy and meak,

The other, bold enough to speak,.

One always ready to give up,

The other didn’t believe in easily packing up..

They were poles apart,

Still, they know, they belonged to each other.


The older one, once, used to always guide her young one..

The younger one used to always question the guidance of her elder,.

The little guide, the big sister, invariably, failed to convince her young one..

As they both hailed from different poles,

Yet somewhere they were bound together, they always belonged to each other.


Despite all their differences,

They themselves can now feel their strong undercurrents..

Any third party, if enters between them..

They are ready to fight for each other then.,

They face the world, to show them all,.

That they may seem two, but they’re one.


To show the world, doesn’t mean they pretend.,

But they stand hand in hand, inorder to defend..

To let the world know, whatever,.

They may be doing at home, with each other..

It’s not the lookout of the outsiders..

Since they’re there, belonging to each other.


Now that they have grown up, they get each other’s words, so well, unspoken,

There are times, they forget their differences,.

Again they play pranks, they giggle, like little children,

Conspire against their opponents, such, that they seem to be back in school again.


Both of whose journeys, have been the same, all through..

Who cling on to each other forever.,

Because, after their parents, in this big big world, they know..

They are the only two, having the back of their only ones.



132. Tender Beginnings…

One of my favourite quotes ;

1. ‘I make myself rich, by making my wants few.’


Wants…. Desires…. !!!!! The root of all complexities, all complications.

These days, everywhere we go, we meet people, all around us, we find unsatisfied people. Most of them are always complaining about this or that. This comes from unending aspirations, the desires, to achieve everything they dream of. These are further transmitted to our younger generation as well. If this continues, their future will really be at stake. They need to be handled with utmost care, from the very beginning.. from their very tender stage.


From childhood, we grow up hearing, that, we invite those vibes, which we feed more. I remember, when I was in my primary classes, we had a subject called Moral Science in school. It was a book on all the moral teachings, in a play way. It was my favourite subject, and as a result, it was the only subject, in which I used to score the highest. There was a chapter, in which, I still remember, there was a picture of two faces, one of an angel’s face, and the other one, of a devil. It said, there are two beings inside all of us, who continuously keep on talking to us, telling us and guiding us. The angel keeps on inspiring us for all the positive acts, and the devil keeps on pushing us for all the negative acts. What we choose to do and what not, it’s upon us whom we love more to listen to.


This realisation dawned on me very soon, while I experienced something myself at home. Once, there were some cookies kept on the table, and my Maa told me to wait, till my sister comes. While she was distributing them equally in our dishes, with some other food stuff altogether, I was feeling really tempted to pick some of those, so that I get more than my sister. You will believe it or not World, one part of my mind was telling me to go for it.. whereas another part of it was stopping me. I was in utter dismay. How true the chapter named, ‘The good and The evil’ in my Moral Science book was..!! I took it as a game, and used to get astonished that, every time I could feel the opposite forces working really hard to make me work as per their words.

Now I’ve known, they are our inner voices.


I really feel sorry for my students, who have no idea about such beautiful lessons, those wonderful thoughts and ideas, which will help them in their future, in gaining moral strength, in their crisis hours.

Today’s kids are missing these books, such lessons., provided, they get these messages from their parents’ individually, at their homes. This is the reason, children should be given enough quality time. I repeat, not only time, but quality time. They should be put into learning and thinking about the core values of life, specially how to balance their dreams and desires in life. They should be taught to know, when and where to stop dreaming. These will further help them in their future, how to stay simple, and stay grounded. They deserve to know, there is abundant peace in staying simple. Don’t over pamper them with gifts, but pamper them with quality time. They should know how to use, not to misuse money. Difference between using and misusing to be made very clear.


My second favourite ;

2. ‘Cut your coat, according to your height.’


This is another quote, which helps us keeping ourselves conscious, on how, when and where to control our wants.

We should dream big, follow them, aspire and inspire ourselves.. but, that too, within each of our limits. We have to know our heights, before we buy a coat. Dreams and desires, should not outgrow our capabilities. Or else, we’ll fail to carry them well.

These are something we all know, but, while doing, we overlook, and prefer to go with the flow.


My all time favourite ;

3. ‘Waste not, want not.’


This was another one, which we’ve grown up listening to. If we waste unnecessarily today, tomorrow we will have to beg before others for those things which we wasted once. Laying out hands before others in want of anything isn’t a respectable way of living. So, children should know the value of the things they are provided with, not only the prices. If not, then they will never be able to deal with the inadequacies of life ever. That further creates dissatisfaction. They won’t ever learn to look for or count the blessings in their life, but to complain the not so good things, the problems on their way.


Our life is a mix of blessings and troubles, the ups and downs. The colours of life are ever changing. Life is not only a bed of roses but also thorns. Courage and perseverance keeps us going. Let’s guide the little ones to take life as it comes. Help them to stay prepared for every odd, to fight them back. They should be prepared to face the troubles of life too, as troubles are a part of our life. From the very tender beginning, these ultimate truths if ingrained in them in a play way, along with the fairy tales, then it’ll be easier for them to lead a balanced and peaceful life, when we won’t be there beside them anymore. Don’t pamper them with unnecessary shelter, but guide them to provide shelter by themselves, on their own.


Come, let’s concentrate on them, as they are the ones who will not listen to what we say, but will watch and follow silently what we do, we are doing in our lives.


Love you World.. Love you all.