… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


453. Some Songs Speak…

Melancholy, switches off..

the lights of your room,

Serenity, puts the audio player on,

It plays a song, your favourite,

which reminds of someone close,

brings them, nearer to your eyes..!!


Eyelids, tenderly close your eyes,

to show you the glimpse,

of someone, to whom..

your eyes, when open,

can never ever promise to reach !!


The tune, reminds of the one..

not near you now, but nearer to your heart,

the song reminds..

of your long lost dreamland,

where, once, in dreams,

you both, often, used to land !!


Tears, they try to come out,

while your lips give them a smile,

watching you try, to gulp them in..

so that the tears always remain,

ever untouched, forever unseen !!


Hence, they flow inwards,

down they flow, till they reach,

much nearer to your heart,

drenching it completely,

with their long lost warmth !!




446. To Moon, with love..

Whenever I succeed,

in taking some time out,

to be with myself,

I sit alone..

alone with my Night sky..!!

Everytime I’m free..

I escape from my usual ‘me’..

I rush, some time out, to breathe,

alone, with my Moon,

beneath my Night sky..!!

To take off my eyes, I fail,

away from the soothing darkness,

of the star studded black velvet veil,

what my Moon means to me,

knows, the shooting stars only,

Oh yes, also my Dark Knight, my Night sky..!!

It wraps us up, it hides us in..

when, in my Moon, I’m lost,

how much I wish..

the time stops ticking,

whenever I’m on my date, my Dark Knight..

everytime, guards us, our Night sky..!!



412. Keep Love Simple…

Love, an art, loved by all,

Loving all, much higher an art,

All can’t master in this,

All of us, aren’t that artistic at all.

To handle Love as only Love,

We often make a mess of this art,

Thus we turn our too much Love,

gradually, into too much hatred..!!

Love stays love, only then..

When we keep it simple,

Not to make Love, our Life..

If we’re unable to handle..!!


Hello World,

Don’t make Love your Life, which makes it complicated, which further tends to become a burden, losing its natural beauty and fragrance.. finally Love is Lost from Lives.. Love simply, Live simply, life will automatically turn beautiful.



387. A NeverEnding Search…

Those laughter filled moments along with you, killing her now…

How you turned all her tears into smiles, whenever she went sad,

Those understanding soothing eyes, always there…

Whenever her momma used to give her that stare,

Even after six months of your departure, her search is still on..!!

Those silence filled presence, always beside…

Whenever she feels left out, missing out your pamperings,

Misses the warmth of your palm now, which she held always…

The profound happiness, whenever, she went out with you,

Even after six months of your departure, her search is still on..!!

Each and every childhood glimpse, emerges before her eyes…

She hasn’t grown up, inside, in one corner, she’s still a child,

She loves to feel your presence in her everyday’s silence…

She goes silent, waiting to hear your deep voice once again,

Even after six months of your departure, her search is still on..!!

She loves to cut her self away from the world…

Whenever she needed urgently, to talk to herself,

You knew her, understood all her strange ways, she still has…

What no one in this world could, you only knew her better,

Even after six months of your departure, she’s still searching for you, Dad..!!



358. While in Love…

Too much heavy a heart, brings Tears down,

Just as, too much of laughter, does almost the same,

Both in heaviness or in lighter moments..

Can’t stop Tears, welling in our eyes, to its brim.


To hide the heaviness of the Tears,

Through cheeks, when Tears rapidly rush down,

Smile grabs them both, from both sides of our lips,

To hide them all into total oblivion.


They wish to take the opportunity,

To let Tears know, there’s someone to care,

Someone to gather the droplets before their fall..

And hide them, from the ever judging World.


While the World keeps guessing wildly..

Whether the Tears were of sadness or of joy..

Tears and Smiles smile., knows their hidden truth,

Only for Love, they do, whatever they do..!!



344. Shades of Souls…



In some of our homes,

Matter so much..!!


If that’s so,

How much do you know,

Or why aren’t you bothered,

About the shades..

Of the souls..???


Love World, Love..

We all know, all’s in Love,

But, before boasting on Love,

First learn..

How to Love the Souls..?!!



313. Not us, our passions fall in love…

Tunes, she composed, they kept him floating in her trance …

Verses, he wrote, recited her lips, with each beat of her heart .,

Not they, their creations glued themselves in each other’s arms …

While they remained submerged in compiling their own passions .,

There, the world dreamt them, immersed in each other’s thoughts …

Here, their creations started collecting and compiling their notes .,

Thus, their tunes and verses came closer to each other

More than they, fell in love, their passions .,

His verses took refuge in her tunes …

Her tunes, dipped in his verses, got their wings .,

And, as their passions bloomed into a treasurable Love

Their talents emerged and prospered into a soulfully superhit song!!!