… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


1017. Love, a Soul…


You are indomitable,

You can never be subdued,

You express yourself..

Through our tears.



You are imperishable,

You never die,

You are always there,

Hidden in our eyes.



You are unquenchable,

The thirst remains,

In our throats,

It speaks out, when we cry.


Like a soul,

You keep changing eyes,

Changing hearts, changing Minds,

Like a Soul, You stay invisible,

But, You’re forever alive..!!




1010. The Royal Bride..

The Sun, the Moon..

Your eyes,

The sky, your face..

The twinkling stars..

Your glittered veil,

Covering you with grace..

The planets in their orbits..

Your necklace,

The meteors, the heavenly bodies..

Your jewelries, the accessories,

Your move, graceful, as a royal bride,

Excited, yet shy, anxious, yet dignified..

I watch Your look from my planet..

Mesmerized, amazed, quiet..!!


1005. Love searching for Love..

Love’s eternal search, Beauty, but it heartfully settles with Duties..

We forget about Beauty, once we meet Compassion..

Beauty makes our heart throb, Caring melts it..

Beauty fades, Understanding stays imprinted in our hearts..

Inner quality beats our Outer crust, always, forever..

Outer Beauty, of no use, if no Humanity within us..

Eyes help Love to look for Beauty, Mind helps Heart to look for Love..!!



994. ‘Part’ners..


She considered herself, his only one, assuming herself to be his whole world..

But one day Time showed her, in his life, what was her exact position,

She found, she’s not the whole, she’s one among all the other ones..

She’s not his life, she’s but just a part of it, she’s his wife…!!


She isn’t his only someone who’s entitled to assist him forever,

Who’s connected with him only through compassion, love..

He also has many other parts to fulfill, other roles to play in life..

Which needed equal attention, along with his wife’s.


He’s birthed out of love, in his loving family, much before she came there,

He toils hard with another family, all of whom earns their living, lovingly, altogether,

He has his own set of friends, who must be there too in his list of lovers..

May be the last one, after all his duties done, but mustn’t be the least,..

He should have his own Space for his own Self, something that we all desperately need.


( -> The above lines were put together keeping a compassionate view for all the homemakers (men/women) of the world,. who are mostly taken for granted. Whereas they render all their wholehearted services out of sheer love and understanding only, all through their lives. The only thing they expect back is their share of love and understanding, which they don’t get,. Thus unknowingly, a void gets created.

Totally unaware of the fact, this void among them ignites a feeling of deprivation. It further takes them to such an extent when they start to feel, they’re the only ones in their spouse’s life who’re adjusting, sacrificing and struggling alone. They feel splitted apart into fragments, while maintaining the whole family and all its needs,. They start assuming themselves as their spouse’s whole world. That, their spouse’s world should revolve around them and them only.

Though this writing was inspired from a real life realisation of a lady, but it comes true for both ‘part’ners equally.

In such a time when relation’ships’ are often found sinking, if this much maturity comes from both ‘part’ners, then only marriages will, not only sustain, but they’ll rock all through.)




988. A hurt heart..

Heartbreaks are for our good only, if we are wise enough to accept them in the right spirits.

They are to help us only, to open our eyes, making us aware of our limitations and weaknesses.

They are like the messages from the universe to get us armed for not letting our hearts break anymore.

Our hearts, our responsibilities to look after them well, to respect their kindness, compassion and love.

If it’s a hit and run case, the blame simply comes to us for not being careful enough to take care of it,.

Gifting it to anyone, anytime, not worthy enough to value it, makes it more susceptible to fragility.

Not to play with our hearts only to have a feel good factor for the time being, as it always leads to disasters.

The powerhouse of love, value it before it’s hurt, not afterwards, as it is our home, not a doormat.

Our heart is a place where our soul resides, not just a place which only beats for blood to get pumped in.

We valuing our own hearts, speaks volumes, about how we care for and value the same for other’s..!!



979. S’HE’ survives…

Imaginations rush back, sketching her Mind,

Her eyes paint them all, covering her bruised Heart,

Her smile spreads a spectrum of hues all around..

Her feelings resurface, sprinkling glitters in her dreamy eyes.,

Her love emerges, twinkles, revives back her radiating mind..

Whenever she’s immersed in the thoughts of Him and His vibes..

He, always in S’He’, they’re inseparable, they survive..!!