… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


973. My Moon, last night..

The moon, whole, last night..

shined so full and bright,

asked me about my love,

It was silent, quiet..

might be thinking..

of her own love life,

how their eyes silently met..

on that fateful night,

It was love at first sight..

both our love, they look alike,

Moon, my bae, my love’s namesake..

shined the brightest of the bright,

just as it shined..

on that fateful night..!!

………….. βœπŸΌπŸ’•………….


961. The Tags of Love..

Love when around.. it may not be found,

But we value it the most.. once it’s lost.

Upheaval of emotions.. can only be felt,

once love is gone.

The most beautiful feel on earth..

are the initial stages of love,

always special.. the silent likings,

those tender immersions,

those secret stealing of glances,

dreams busy, building love castles,

attracts the heart to fall for more,

for a complete surrender.

While, the terms, the conditions..

unknowingly we tag with our Love,

the promises made.. yet not kept,

may take our heart.. out from our Love,

but not the Love.. out from our Hearts..!!



959. Deep Rooted..

Love, if real, if deep..

it never shows of, it never leaves..

fond memories of moments spent..

in each others thoughts,

in each others dreams,

in each others favourite songs,

in each others feelings, fond,

sparing time, to check on each other,

stay drenched, in each other’s tears,

opinions differ..

but understanding always there,

Love, if shallow,

it shows off, it leaves,

Love, if real, if deep..

can never uproot truest feelings..!!



940. Hearts, His and Her..

The Moon reminded him of the cool calmness of his muse,

Her brightness reminded him of the Sun in his heart’s horizon,

The stars reminded him of her twinkling stardom,

through which she used to enkindle his dreamworld,

the universe, its vastness, reminded him of the broadness of her mind,

how she loved to empathize, how her kindness, she used..

to rule her emotions, enormous, how she loved to love all..


so tender, her heart, she lost herself, getting severely hurt,

hid herself behind the clouds, her tears rained from there..

reminded him of his mean behaviour,

No one to blame, for, their expectations grew fonder..

their love backfired, their feelings decided to depart..

realisation dawned., more the love, much more the hurt..

they stole each other’s heart, only to hurt each other..!!

……… βœπŸΌπŸ’”πŸ’•……..


926. Love, a preview..

Love, nothing but an Emotion,

an Attraction, without any Intention,

spotting someone, whose vibes..

matches with our Imagination,

our Imagination of Perfection,

when it matches all our Emotions,

which, we felt, left till date..

cribbing in Isolation,

finds Affection, pouring out from..

the eyes, the windows of the heart..

heart of our beloved, an Infatuation,

we create Symphony of Hearts..

but, in our Heads,

we tie them with a single question,

“I Love You”, awaiting an answer..

the only question in this world..

without a question mark,

all in the name of ‘Love’..

a beginning of Life for companions,

or an end to their imagination..??!!

…………… β€πŸ’•………….