… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


386. When Breaths Beat…

Twin Lungs, one Heart,

Three friends..

Vowed to each other,

All their lives..

Will go along, altogether,

We bow before them..

And their friendship,

One beats,

The other two breathes,

One stops beating,

Others stop breathing..!!



385. The Prismic Hues..

Nature’s colour palette, sprinkles all its varying shades, all over the sky,

Paints with yellows, orangish, saffron, vermilion reds, whenever the sun rises and sets,

Brushes with blues, from light, deep dark, to jet blacks, on our evenings and nights,

From white to different shades of greys, when arrives the dense clouds,

A rainbow combines all of them in seven prismic rays, just after the rains,

Various colours from the Sunlight, spread all over the sky, in and around our Earth.

Trees, with varied shades of green, some youthful and young, filled with vibrance,

Some bright, some pale, some ageing dull, from top of a mountain,

They seem so soothing, a view so interesting, a sight such awesome.

Various shades of blue, painting the ocean’s hue, sometimes royal, dark, light, some blue sharp and bright,

Smitten by all the shades of deep and pure love, all from the light of the Sun’s vulnerable warmth.

The mountains, some so freshly green, others with shades of dull, dry, light and deep,

And the snow clad white sparkling ones, looks like pearl stud bejewelled crowns,

The ones, brick red, some with light and some others dark brown,

Displays a catalogue, availing varied range, of all types of shades,

The colourful crown sits so well, on Mother Nature’s crown.

On us, the spell they cast, their hues so divine, the varied shades, Nature’s beauty they enhance,

Our eyes stilled, enchanted under the depth of divinity, Nature looks into our eyes, as mirrors,

Only one beam of Sunlight brings out so many colours from our universe,

As if, Mother Nature holding so many magic paint brushes, altogether,

Like us, to avoid boredom, Nature also loves, to maintain variations.


380. Spices…

Though, all of us have both Hearts and Minds,

Yet, with any one of them only, we live our lives,

Not knowing at all, the art of balancing,

Some prefer living life, following their Hearts more,

Others, with their Minds only, they blindly go..!!

Some love to live their life,

Totally based on Luck,

Whereas some others believe completely,

On work .. work .. and .. work..!!

Some, obedient enough, to learn quite fast,

From other’s experiences and advices.,

Some prefer learning on their own,

From their own mistakes and vices..!!

According to one lot, it’s better to face the odds,

The outcome of the mistakes of their own..

Than to blame others, for being unable to try something new,

They’d rather explore more, to tread paths untrodden..!!

Some love to play safe, without much into useless hassle,

Intelligently avoiding the unknown paths.,

Love to follow the readily set trends in the paths of life,

Not ready to waste time, on exploring an unknown life.

Both correct in their respective views and vibes,

Variety in thoughts, invariably needed, to move ahead in life,

Not to judge any of them, variety being the spice of our lives,

That’s why we’re variably made, to make us all, take interest in Life..!!


379. A Daydreamer…

Some words….

Some smiles broad….

Some wholehearted laughter….

What do you need more from us.,

Except some changing thoughts…

O, World..?!!


Some compassion….

Some understanding….

Walking together, all hand in hand,

Side by side, all along….

What more we need from you.,

O, World..?!!


Stomachs fully filled….

Starving, some sickly minds….

What’s the use of such money….

Which, when not used properly….

In the right place, for the needy….

At the right time..?!!


Open up your minds….

Let’s clear out our chokes….

Let’s embrace mankind and see….

We’ll appear so different to you….

And you’ll appear different to us..

Can you hear me, O, World..??


378. Surrender, another name of Love.

A river.,

From its source, it gushes out,

Energy currents filled in it, upto its brim,

In its first stage, it behaves just like a child,

To acquire all the joys of life,

It jumps out from nature’s lap, totally wild.

That river..,

Now, a bit aware, continues to flow, a bit quiet,

Its energy, now, gets slow, with dancing waves slight,

Looks ahead twice, before it jumps, in its stage second,

Tries to look a bit matured, as it learns how to behave,

Its journey taught it, to learn from its lessons, all this while.

The same river.,

Serene, calm, confident, now learns more,

How to carry its grace and grandeur,

With poise, it moves in a royal style, in its stage final,

Seems, its journey taught it to surrender, all through.,

Into the depths of love, eagerly embraces the ocean till eternity.


Let’s learn the lessons of Life from Nature, World.


377. Screams screened…

O Holy Mother.,

Tickles me, on my wrist,

my watch, whenever it ticks..

every now and then,

pricks me, a feeling..

keeps poking from within,

said and done, everything..

seems, nothing better now,

left to be seen.

O Holy Mother.,

Every breath of mine,

running short of time,

tells me, the happenings all around,

to see me off, takes me, my eyes,

to the door towards the Exit,

now needs to be kept unlocked,

knowing not, when it’s time,

for a smooth sail, outwards.

O Holy Mother.,

Every role played well,

with everyone, everywhere,

on the huge dias, our world stage..

in the theatre, playing for life,

my role, approaching towards its end,

Viewers going out, one by one,

falls off the curtains, off goes the lights,

in the World Premiere, named ‘Life’.