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16. (Reblogged) Another ‘Araby’ somewhere….



It was an evening of her seventeenth spring,

Their eyes met, she felt, their souls met..

All of a sudden, silently, she felt connected..

Their lips spoke not,but she could hear..

That she has reached her soul at last..

She galloped alone, towards a mirage of hope and despair,

So happy she was., yet a fear of losing,

With that joy, it started to creepin..

Yes., Ohh time..!!.. they did get lost.,

Yet their souls didn’t part,

He remained in her heart,

knowing, she was nowhere in his heart.,

As these were all what she felt alone for years….


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121. (Reblogged) An Evening…


Beside the railing,

In my tiny balcony.,

Of a flat, in a busy city..

I sat on my seat.

Put my fingers..

On my ears,

The horns, their honks,

I refuse to hear.

Following the headlights..

Of the vehicles, on their paths,

Watching the human waves,

Dancing on the footpaths.

Returning from work,

To their respective homes,

All their day’s hard toil,

To splash back on the shore.

Evening darkens, night creeps in,

The honks slow down,

The tides of human sea.,

Slowly ebbs back the crowd.

The showrooms disperse..

The shutters of the shops,

The shop owners, the buyers,

All getting ready to get down.

Traders counting their profits,

The Locker keys go back in their pockets,

Counting back their balance, the buyers..

Children mellowed down with their own stuff,

Busy balancing both, the ladies.

Back home, by now..

All must have settled,

Getting ready to call it a…

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578. Yes, I’m in Love…

I loved you or not..??

Yes, yes..

No doubt about it,

No, not anymore..

Undoubtedly yes,

I loved, I love..

Will love you..

From my deep heart’s core..!!


I’m Love, Love is Me..

Often, I fall in love..

Not with one, but with all..

The goodness in them attract me,

The good people..

Yes, I admire, I admit..

I think about them, fall for them,

They often attract me..!!


Their beautiful hearts..

Their lovable thoughts..

Their enigmatic minds..

Their enlarged hearts..

Their soothing smiles..

Their broadened views..

More than their looks..

Their enlightened outlooks..!!

Not to shy away, nothing to hide,

My loving, being always my pride,

By loving their goodness,

I fall, only to rise,

I love to love their Creator,

To be very precise..!!


I love to love His creations,

I love to love His children,

Would love to fall in love,

In order to rise many a times..

Would love to love all..

Each and every time..!!

……………………………. ✍🏼💕


111. (Reblogged) Togetherness…



Each other, we knew not,

Our families talked first..

We were made to sit infront,

Infront of our families both.

Exchanged shy glances a few.,

Some ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘very well’..

The date, our elders decided,

Shopping, our elders did..

We tied the knot only,

Marriage happened, finally.

It is said about marriages.,

That they are done in heaven,

And this knot, once tied,

It’s tied till births, seven.

This idea doesn’t get into my brain,

Why an odd number, why not an even..??

Is it due to the path, so odd,

That, it can never be made even..??

Why not four, why only seven..??

If not less, then why not ten..??

The weeds in my head, tickles a lot,

While a couple ties the knot,

How do they get to know.,

It’s which of their births, seventh or first..??

Every birth, if we’re tied for seven more births.,


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577. Be Thankful…

Dedicate yourself,

To the Lord of all,

Thank Him always,

For all your positives,

Apologize before Him,

For all your negatives,

Believe me, He watches,

All of us from above.


Whatever we do..

He knows, why we do,

Whatever we say..

He knows, why we say,

Talk to Him, to test His presence,

You’ll be surprised to the utmost,

As soon as you get to sense,

Within you, his soundless Voice.


Believe me, believe me..

I tell you with conviction enough,

Not to be afraid, not to be scared,

Instead, approach Him always..

But, only with love,

Then wait and watch silently,

Towards you, you get to see Him,

How, He’s silently approaching..!!



576. Alone or Along..??

Being on the path of the Lord,

You need to be selfish, a bit,

But, is it selfish or selfless,

For, as you transcend..

You’ve to head there alone,

Towards the higher road,

You have to be all alone, there..

You’ve to be a loner, till the last,

As, all what you need is..

To explore the path,

But you yourself first,

To explain them, to make it easy,

Before paving the road,

For all others..!!


Going alone, ahead of others,

may not be, being selfish, always.