… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


708. the cold war..

since ages..

there’s this cold war between..

the mundane Love and..

the Love for the Light, Supreme..

where, a Life, the knot..

held over a line in the tug of war,

it gets pulled from..

both the sides..

not knowing what to do,

which side to go..

just gets on pulled from..

both the sides,

deals with such fights..

indeed, a mighty Life..!!



703. Live in Peace..

the purpose of Life..

to live,

we love the ones..

who feel,

beauty lies in the eyes..

which dream,

we admire a face..

which often smiles,

often get attracted..

to those with positive vibes,

purpose of moving on..

to keep glowing the inner Light,

before we rest, living in peace be..

the only purpose of our Life..!!


Before we rest in peace, (RIP).. let’s learn to live in peace. (LIP). If we’re unable to live peacefully, how do we rest peacefully.

Peace, be our everyday mantra, be our habit..!!




702. Lead your Light to Live Life..

a Life took away its own Light,.

it was loved, adored..

affectionate family, it left behind,

fans, a lot more than enough..

its friends, the real ones, so fond,

followers, sad, disheartened,

on the throne of their hearts..

on a much higher pedestal..

it ascended, in no time,

but, it dared to dream..

something else for itself,

it had its own sweet will,

as if, came on this earth to live..

on its own terms, conditions..

had everything but patience,

wanted more, but in no time,

talented, genius, this Life..

wasn’t ever satisfied..

as if it was lacking time,

soon, to achieve,

fast, to reach the peak,

found, something missing always..

over expectation, from its own Self,

over ambition, to prove its own worth,

finding itself not good enough,

must have felt.,

if it waited for his own time,

Time will be unnecessarily wasted,

God knows what the hurry was..

what made it desperate..

to put off its own light,

in itself, had that power..

it had so much to offer,

but all of a sudden..

leaving his world shaken,

an extraordinary Life..

took away the magnificence..

of its God-gifted, cosmic Light..!!


( Dream, but very carefully. Never get carried away. Dreams often mislead. Dare to dream, if only you are sure that one of your feet is rooted below the ground, deep.

Our inner Light, that cosmic energy, its a very powerful and unique gift from the Lord, our Mother Nature. We don’t have the right to put it off, anytime, as per our own sweet will. It’s so so mean..!!

It’s a sheer insult to the one, the Lord, who got us that gift. Isn’t it..??

Let’s value it and take really good care of our respective Gifts,World..!! )



701. Enlighten It..

Whenever judged,

go within,

for sure..

you’ll heal..!!


No one,

yes, no one..

heals you better,

than you yourself..!!



go back to yourself,

will be taken good care of..

only from there..!!

Whenever scared..

take your Self’s shelter,

there’s none, who knows ever..

where to hide you better..!!


None out there,

a friend, a philosopher..

a guide, better,

than you yourself dear..!!


Don’t underestimate it, no, never,

it may be dumb, but not deaf..

not blind, may be asleep,

and all you just need,

is to awaken it !!


It’s always been,

will always be,

and is always there..

for you, with you, within you..

eternally, forever..!!



Sorry and Thanks.. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š

Hello All..,

I feel extremely sorry for not being able to comment on your posts now a days, which I used to do quite frequently before. Which is why, I keep my comment box closed at times too. Actually, I found commenting on all posts, landed them on your spam folders and that made me reluctant to do the same anymore. So now, I do it very rarely. But, I read your words for sure. If I’m unable to read them the moment they appear on my reader, I surely do save your posts for my ‘me-time’. Your works often leave me awestruck. Some posts, I even read them twice or thrice.

Frankly speaking, I need quite a lot of time to check all posts, not haphazardly, but with care. So, prefer comfortability and eagerness to go through them with a free and a good frame of mind. May be for days I’m unable to read, but once I’m ready, I surely do.

Hope you all understand, that we, the thoughtful lot, depend on each of our frames of mind to read or to write. When the writing spree is there, words are unstoppable, reading not possible at that time. Again when mind not in a writing mode, it prefers to read.

May be I’m sounding a bit weird. But this is my truth.

Anyways, last, but not the least,. Thanking you all. I’m learning a lot everyday, from all your works. Growing up as a better human being every day as well, to love all your works, more and more.

Keep your pen moving, keep growing with positivity and keep smiling always, knowing that the Supreme Power has your back, always..!!

Stay blessed World.



700. Says It All…

When, a pigeon there alone..

amidst a flock of hungry crows,

itself, being equally hungry..

sits silent, roams around, decent..

eyes fixed, wait for its turn,

to have a few, from..

the pot full of grains..!!


When, a crow there alone,

amidst a flock of hungry pigeons,

it pulled their tails..

pushed them apart,

poked, pinched, till they fled..

making its way, first, towards..

the pot full of grains..!!


( While watching and enjoying the presence of my everyday friends, the birds, their various activities, their behaviour, in the terrace.. Feel directly connected to the Almighty, even faster than prayers..!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ₯° )