… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …

640. That evening…

My eyes saw yours,

My mile of a smile..

smiled at yours,

My mind listened to yours,

My voice sang with yours,

My silence..

It got drenched in yours,

Can’t forget the gathering..

That special evening.

The whole day, we spent together,

Amidst the crowd,

Amidst all the hullabaloo..

I sat silent..

You stayed quiet,

Though with all..

We laughed out loud,

But, observed each other..

A silent interest, started to get in,

That special evening.

The sun took leave..

Departed we all,

You saw me off..

Taking good care of,

The sun left, the birds left, you left,

That evening, too special to leave,

Your smile, your soft look..

Your voice, your care..

That evening, somehow stayed,

With me, within me,

Till now, forever, may be..!!



296. His Last Call..

“…. Krrriinnng… Krrriinnng… “

The phone rings..

Calls the King..

Wishes “Happy birthday..!!”

To his Princess.


No one knows..

Whose call, which, when..

Rings the last..??

After days seventeen, just..

Death rings its call..

And the King finally departs.


Folded him, took him back with his breath, last..

His princess performs his rites, last..

Bids him bye, while he heads for his journey, last..

Her first love, for the last time, thus..

From her phone, that voice, last..

Goes forever quiet.


Her phone won’t show..

‘Baba calling’.. anymore..

A daughter faces a loss..

Lost her first Man of everlasting Love.


Though, the King, no more..

His name, his voice…

Remains stored..

Forever, in his Princess’s phone.



214. Happiness Wealth…

Once, there were a happy four,

Having hearts of pure gold,

They were simple, loving and giving,

People found them strangely giggling,

Always found them in their own chosen heaven.

Happy in their little life,

Their tiny cottage sparkled,

With pearls of laughter,

And smiles full of glitters,

Wealth was not about money for them,

Peace was their happiness wealth.

Nobody could feel their inner bliss,

Without cribbing for the glitters of things,

None could teach them material life,

Happily, wore all the gems,

Adorned by their peaceful life’s jewels,

Happily they dwelt,

In their self made heaven.



203. You are in Her…

You are very much in her,

Till she is here..

But she’s nowhere there,

That place, wherever you are..!!

There’s so much of you in her,

You can never just disappear,

Yes, you are here, though..

Seems you’re nowhere here..!!

Along with all the chapters in her maths..

Helped her learn solving on her own,

The real equations of this algebraic life.

Also, while holding, running after her trembling bicycle..

You trained her, how to balance real life.

Always in her weak, odd hours..

Strengthened her trembling thoughts,

In most of her acts and ways..

Showed her how to keep patience.

Pampered her tender tears,

With your utmost care,

She really got refuge,.

In your soft comforting words.

Gathered all the moral armours,

Supplied to her, from time to time..

Stored them for her, to keep her equipped,.

When she really needed to stand upright.

Indeed, she cried, when you married her off.,

But reminded her, to keep it in her mind,.

That path, leading her back towards her home,

That door, you’ll always keep it open.

You told her, she was your good daughter,

She also told you, what you were…

The best son, the best brother,

The best father, and..

Always a helpful friend, moreover..

A great human being..

Around her, forever.



93. Time, Give Them Back Young…

Growing age, retarding health,

Silvery, silky, shining hair,

Wrinkled skin, they cared, it shows..

Voices cracked, can voice out no more.

Cuteness filled in their smiles toothless..

Eyesights weakened, due to farsightedness.

This old stage of their good old days,

Trying to let go, overlooking my sadness..

The older version of their old age,

I’m definitely missing those faces.

Their old photographs lay before,

Their old appearances, I miss more,

Our good old days, were the golden ones,

Those oldies goldies, lost long ago.



77. They Call Me Still…

When a little girl was I,

In the evenings, between the study hours of mine,

From our balcony, I stealthily gazed at the night sky.

With my doll, before going to sleep,

From my little window on my bedside, I would peep..

Each night I would bid the stars, a kiss o’ goodbye.

My Maa, me and my doll, while in bed,

In the embrace of them, once I asked,

“Why every morning, Maa, when the sun is here..,

Where do they all disappear, those cute little glitters..??”

She said, “They don’t go anywhere my doll,

They are there only, just we can’t see them, that’s all..!!”

Saying this my Maa started my bedtime stories,

But my mind got lost, up above the sky,

In the kingdom of those bejeweled fairies.

I found the floating beauties, come down to me,

With all smiles around and two feathered wings, so lovely..!!

Attached them on my shoulders and took me up with them, so high..

Slowly and gradually, they left my hands,

To let me learn, on my own, to fly.

I floated with them in the dazzling night sky..

With lights and lights all around.

Holding hands, altogether we swung,

Together we all, danced and sung,

Humming the songs of Light and Love.

Our wings, all in sync, fluttered together,

In the cosmic rhythms of a soulful rhyme.

Amidst those glitters, I found myself,

Lightened up, all sparkling bright..

I was overjoyed, finding myself,

Become a twinkling star overnight.

Till today as I gaze up,

Still they call me up there.,

A strong and strange connection,

Down here I can feel..

Why do they now call me still..??

How can I still hear their calls..??

Yes, I still hear them call me,

Feel blessed that I can hear them so clear.