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Thanks Pragalbha for this piece.. ‘The most memorable thing anyone said to me’.. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‡

Myself in the Tall Woods – Photo by Manish Doshi During one of the weekend trainings that I was taking about 5 years ago, another girl who was about my height or an inch taller, came up to me and said β€œAt your height, you really teach us how to stand really really tall!” I […]

The most memorable thing anyone said to me


This share from Pragalbha Doshi reminded me of mine too..

An encounter with a stranger lady taught me something so profound that it took me under its spell and keeps me there still now.

Once, while I was travelling by train, got to meet a lady, a co-passenger of the same name as me. Both felt quite excited to know each other and strangely we connected instantly. After some initial hellos and introductory notes, both felt like reaching each others vibes well. Thus started some chit chats after which we really got into serious discussions on life, its journey, the people involved in it and all the more.

While talking she shared some of her tragic happenings in her life. She was terribly cheated by her relatives after the death of her husband which prompted her to leave her ancestral home, land and even all her precious belongings, assets, jewelleries. She was left with nothing, nor anyone beside her to support or fight for her, but one innocent two year old kid in her arms.

The initial support, though a short term one, she received from her brother. Luckily, she was educated enough to stand up on her own feet which surely gifted her a decent job to mend her life and fetch for her and her child much comfortably.

Though I was very much sure of that, still felt very upset and asked her why she wasn’t reacting to or taking any step against the culprits who are enjoying her rightful share of luxurious life at the cost of their tears.

She gave me such an answer which till now helps me inspire my thoughts whenever I feel helpless about something which is beyond my control. It was…

“Let them enjoy no..?!! They took away the things which weren’t owned by me. Anyways, can they ever take away my destiny..? Whatever destined for me can’t be taken away and whatever not for me, they will never stay.”

Such a profound thought..!!Meeting her that day, seems such a blessing to me now. Even now I apply her words putting them in my Mind, whenever I’m stuck in any such awful situation.

We were in touch for long. But somehow lost touch now, as, may be, life has its own time table for each and everyone. She’s a woman of substance. She’s a fighter. She struggled, stood up on her own, drove her own self towards her own destiny. She’s self employed, self made. Presently running an online website, virtually working for women in distress, leading a team of women’s organisation, from the luxuries of her own home sweet home. Her kid, now a man, working with a reputed MNC, well settled. She thanks and blesses her so-called culprits for whom she got an identity of her own. And those so-called relatives, under her care now, whom she couldn’t refuse to help, seeing them suffering severely in distress and disgust in several ways.

Such an angel she was..!! If you ask me, “Do you believe in Angels, do they exist at all now..??” You know my answer already, I think..!!



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Bravo Savvy Raj.. Loved it, saved it and shared it.. ‘Tap Into The Inner Wisdom’.. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Our guiding voice from within Is always speaking to us Signaling in a whisper or a sign Conveying what is the’ Gut feel β€˜ Our second brain is often ignored But it operates nevertheless Resonating or relegating An advice to our being If only we know to listen in We draw from its bank of […]

Tap Into The Inner Wisdom


825. Feelings…

People often ask me, “How come you are so much in love with an inanimate object, ie.,. the Light.” Even I do sometimes ask myself too.. “Why and how am I so much in love, always, with the Light..??”

So, reacting to their queries, I instantly ask them back, “Why not..?? Being an ordinary selfish human being, I find it’s the only one, who fulfills all my criteria of Love,. to whom I don’t have to give, but to get and get only. Can you find someone like the Light, here on earth..??” As usual, they’re taken aback..!!

The Light, my love, demands only one thing in return and that is, to keep faith on it, just like the flower that follows the Light, both of whom are bonded till eternity. Isn’t it the easiest way to give eternal faith and get such an unconditional love in return, forever..??

Thus, here comes the following lines on my feelings for my inanimate Lover, The Light..!! Though we call it inanimate, I mean, seriously..?? Inanimate, is it..?? Quite a thoughtful question, I think, to ponder on..!!


My Inanimate Lover..


The only one who knows how to love, the real one..

the Love, one of its own kind, the one unconditional,

the only one who prefers to stay hidden..

yet showers love, forever, it’s love smitten,

the only one who can listen to all my silent cries..

the only one who collects the tears behind my smiles,

the only one whom my Heart loves with all my Mind..

I’m lost in love with the only perfect being,

an inanimate one, though I find it, the only one living..

my heart’s utmost desire, I follow it forever,

yes, you’re The Light, my love till eternity..!!



824. The Light Speaks in Silence..

Whenever my pen starts..

to express here, my heavy heart..

to complain about my pains,

my suppressed emotions, entail..

my sad words here, they fail,

as The Light stops by..!!


However I try, to put my hard feelings..

to put all my painful memories,

in sync with all my worries,

my words lose track of my furies,

I lose my way with those words,

as The Light stops by..!!


My verses miss their turn..

turns aback my writing pattern,

diverts towards a new direction..

negative thoughts get replaced by positive vibes,

to teach me, it reaches me through my pen,

in my disguise, it’s The Light here who writes..!!


( P. S – Today something happened with me, which left me totally awestruck. I was really stunned, as suddenly an astonishing thought enkindled in my mind while I was writing something on the negative side of life and its ways.

I was feeling quite low due to some hard feelings from some incident. Took out my pen and paper, started to scribble out my pain through some hindi verses, which at that moment was so relaxing a feel,. Naturally they were all very negative and disheartening, very sad ones. Though at that very moment they seemed to be the most beautiful verses to me.

But suddenly, as I was continuing to pen them down, found some striking change in some of my incoming thoughts then and there. The whole negative thing gradually was turning towards a positive approach towards life and its ways of living. I felt my pen was being guided by the Light. As if it was trying to reach me, to teach me something more beautiful, more profound from that hurtful incident.

This is to share how The Light has its own ways, to silently inspire us when we are hit even by the low tidal waves of life. Just as it did to me today. The Light’s message reached me through my pen, spoke to me through my own words.

Thanking the Lord, that he blessed some of us with such indigenous mind which could listen, realise, grab the miracles to stand up again, instantly and boldly.



823. An Ode to my Heart Warmer..

My heart warmer, even when with the wrenching ones, you, never hurt my heart, so dear…

Closest to my heart, you make my heart grow fonder, covering solace on my yearning heart…

The intense ones, fill my heart with smiles and tears, but alone, you leave me never, ever…

Knocking my Love’s door, you enter my void zone, kill my silence, I hum with you, everytime…

As crisis hours arrive, with tears in my eyes, you’re always along, with all your lightening smiles…

Remind me, who makes my heart yearn, yell at my vulnerability to immediately calm down…

The ones, once I thought will never leave., ah yes., the ones, I thought, I deeply, fondly loved…

Your real love, warms my heart when I’m weak, the source of all my solace, within, I seek…

Music, its melodies, lyrics, you all may seem to be inanimate ones to others, but, no, not at all…

To me, I find more Life in you all, real Love in you all, more than anybody else on earth..!!



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When death shall maketh love to me like the lusty Autumn breeze, let echo in still nights the euphoria of my insanity. Scatter my laughter on torn pages of unburnt diaries, smouldering with passion of desires buried. After my death, of whatever is left, bedeck those unlatched coffers chiming with unsung secrets of me a […]

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