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463. As per Convenience…

Whenever sad, whenever things..

start getting out from our hands,

we’re so selfish,

we grumble, we complain..

we start praying to Him, all of a sudden..

start believing in Him, asking Him to be impartial,

urge Him, to look upon us, being a bit kind.


as soon as things start turning as per us,

we just forget His presence, thus..

find everything, well controlled, only by us.,

we take up the whole credit,

count the odds as mere coincidences,

feel proud on all the achievements, as ours,

keeping aside, His images and hymns.




462. Your Impact…

Got something from the internet today, for you all, to feel good..



461. Life Partner…

Who is our life partner..

Who’s our actual partner for life..

The One who is all along,

not letting us, ever alone..

The Omniscient..

The Omnipotent..

The only Omnipresent beside..!!

the One and Only being..

who has the power to save our lives..

the invisible leader, who forever guides..

the silent teacher who has our back, always, from behind,

the only friend, who becomes our Life,

no human, but a superhuman, The Lord, The Love, The Light..

our sole partner, for our whole life..!!



460. Consoling a Hurt Heart…

People who fake,

people who lie,

never ever get through,

easily in life,

without self respect,

they enjoy being smart,

aware of myths,

unaware of the fact, so prime,

that, there’s none..

smarter than Time.



459. Wo’men-o-pause’…

O Women, pause, chill, relax..

don’t get upset, not to stress,

everything with you..

is absolutely normal,

as it normally happens..

with everybody else..!!


All your mood swings,

all those fiery wings,

all the sudden sweats,

all the mood tantrums..

You can always wait,

for it to cool down, in a common process..!!


If suddenly, you start to nag,

If suddenly,

you start hating someone,

don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal,

You’re going..

through some biological turmoil..!!


Not to brood, not to crib,

not to feel guilty about it,

nothing at all, to seriously weep,

stretch, with your fingers, your soft young lips,

tell them, “come on, smile,

it’s only about the health part of my life..!!”


Not to take everything in your stride,

don’t be scared for the changes within,

it also needs time, to adjust certain sudden changes,

never ever think, you’re ageing fast,

it further aggravates your stress,

making yourself more depressed.


It’s a normal process, let it be..

it is studying its own life science,

You stay as cool as you were..

try to keep it out of your mind,

Everything, will fall into place,

in its sweet will, its own right time..!!



458. Humbly Yours… πŸ’•

Want to thank you all,

Thank you for understanding me..

for going through my scribbles,

and my thoughts so well.

I really feel so obliged, here..

as, nowhere can they be shared,

So, I keep my lips shut..

often my thoughts are laughed at.

Nowhere on this earth,

neither any person around..

gets my actual feelings,

nor do I feel like..

sharing with them at all.

So, no one else,

need to know me better..

except you all, here..!!



457. ‘Super-Vision’…

The night sky,

with thousand eyes,

are actually God’s eyes,

to keep an eye over us,

He needs a thousand eyes..!!

By blinking, by winking,

His eyes try to reach my eyes,

He throws hints,

to contact them at night..!!

When the darkness deepens,

they go more bright,

taking all the sleepiness..

away from my eyes..!!

Suddenly, I realise,

they’re actually my Lord’s eyes,

who has to stay awake,

the whole night,

so that we can sleep tight..!!

Each star, obeying Him,

keeps an eye,

silently, on each one of us,

through the morning star..

the Sun, at daytime,

and the Stars at night..!!