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479. Feelings..

Just as too much of a good thing can be bad, too much happy feelings can end up making us sad..

.. enough of poetic verses, enough of brain works, Typewriter eager to type some heart to heart words.

Enjoying a quality time with her keys, in her home, alone, while, for some work, husband and son were out of station..

.. she called them up, in their leisure, informed, one of their favourite singer’s concert, being aired on television.

Instantly, she started feeling a bit less alone, as if sitting with them, watching the programme altogether..

.. after a while, a reluctant she, texted, “Hey guys, watching..?? Though we all are apart, but gives us the feel, all of us together.

“Hope, you both are also enjoying the same programme as me, what say, you, father and son..??”…

.. “No, glued to some other show, that one we aren’t, will watch it later on”.. to her, their reply comes..!!

She could hear something crack, from inside her ears, could feel the scratch in her heart, peeps out her besties, her tears..

.. she felt, she wouldn’t have hurt herself, if she hadn’t thought of them, without letting them know, she alone could have easily enjoyed it herself.

Sometimes, some trivial issues leave you shaken, realising, how much we are tied with the people around..

.. know why..?? Only for a smile.. to give them and while they are away, to have a good time.

She played her part of sharing and caring, but from the other side if we see, it’ll seem, too much of her assumptions were expecting..

.. but, is this actually the smile she wanted to bring on to their lips or on her own.. she again started thinking from a different perspective.

Her Mind said., “Don’t overreact, it’s but very normal, they were far away, having their own time their way,

.. agreeing to her Mind, for the first time, said her oversensitive heart.,”Yes, this time the fault was yours, your thoughts need to learn much and change even more.”

………………………… โœ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’•



478. His Gnomes…

Tonight, just like the other ones, while I was busy stargazing,.

found something floating up in the sky,

gradually flying down, towards earth..

O my my, it’s an Angel from up above, there..

Coming closer towards me, tenderly, slowly by..!!

She sat on the edge of the railing, just in front of me, in my open balcony,

Said in a divine voice, “Hello Devi, every night I watch you here,

Each night, quietly, you keep staring at the stars,

So our Queen sent me to you, to ask you if you’ve anything to share,

You can ask me anything you want, I’ll answer you, for that I’m here.”

It was unbelievable for me, how was my state, you all can well imagine,

But had to gather myself fast, as she needed time to go back up there..

After much breathtaking gasps, finally my tongue helped me out with some words..

I could only ask, what I was thinking just then,.”His world is such a wonderful creation of His,

What’s the need, why does He send us here, just to love and grow, to live and to share..?!!”

Her pretty bright eyes simmered, said, “No, not, never,..

actually, He sends you all here, to enrich the existence of His Nature,

And to all His created creatures in here, to enjoy your stay with heartfelt care..,

Oh, The Creator and His creations, it is His kingdom, dear..

He permitted you all, to share your stay in His Nature..!!

But, the ignorant you all, took it as your own world..

while He was busy creating it, you were nowhere around..

as soon as, He deputed you all here, with rational Heads and kind Hearts..

to maintain His Nature, to look after His creatures, you all jumped over,

to take control on it, rule it, thus destroying its natural essence all over..!!

You came to visit for sometime, someone else’s home..

instead of playing the role of gnomes..

you go on spoiling it, taking it as if your own..

how dare you, no betterment here, do you add..

You’re up to turning it, into a mess, a complete hazard..!!”

………………………………. โœ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’•


477. Talks of Time…

As Time heals,

Time also reveals,

but when and what..

when we all forget..

when we did what to others..!!

Once a vulnerable self,

rubbed a magic lamp,

earnestly praying before it,

Time, it wanted to meet with..!!

As Time appeared..

just like Aladdin’s Jinn,

asking what he wanted from it,

he replied spontaneously this..

“if you’re to reply us back,

why don’t you do it on time..??

Why are you always so late,

that, with every passing time,

what we did, we forget..?!!”

Time looks into his eyes,

says,.”You all are my own, guys,

I prefer in giving you ample time,

to all of you, to rectify..!!

The ones, who easily get to realize,

their wrongs and the answers likewise,

very easily, they pass by..!!

But those of you, who don’t,

as per your body languages..

silently express, you won’t,

I prefer to waste my time on them,

so that, whatever ahead comes,

in no time, nails, all bitten in repentance,

when Time will be over,

none will be able to charge me ever,

that, Time wasn’t that kind enough,

Nor can you ever blame,

that Time didn’t give you time..!!”

……………………………….. โœ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’•


34. Too much of ‘Feel’osophy… ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

Thank you Savvy Raj, your visit here took me down memory lane, to revisit my ‘feel’osophy leaving me with a mile of a smile again.. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„


My son and his Dad, often play pranks on me,

Our son, a first year college goer is he,

Just like a newly grown-up guy,

He thinks his Mumma knows very little about her boyโ€ฆ

Whenever we all are together, sharing some talks on tender moments..

Or watching movies, or discussing lifeโ€™s incidents,

Or getting nostalgic on romantic scenes from the movies of our times.,

or may be any soft music with some touching lines..

May it be the photos of our baby, in our arms, covered under our warmth, in our family album,..

Or our own childhood photos, our aged parents now, then looked so vibrant and young.,

The natural glitters of my eyes start rolling downโ€ฆ..

While I get to taste the salty dew dropsโ€ฆ

My throat starts chokingโ€ฆ

And I go blurry.

And theyโ€ฆโ€ฆ.???โ€ฆ

They will keep on glancing, staring and checkingโ€ฆ

Till I realise and startโ€ฆ

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476. Overthinking World…

She has been detected with a strange problem since childhood,.

They said, the girl was strange, like a chameleon, she took up their colour, beside anyone else.

She enjoyed becoming like anyone she’s with, which she never should..

In fact, she changed herself for the others, to make them feel at ease her company, she never got to know, it was bad or good.

Anyone she met, anyone she mixed or went with, always looked for and focused, on the positives in them..

Their negatives, never bothered her to acquire, appreciated their Lights, keeping aside, bypassing their darks.

When asked, “what are you like, what do you think about this,” ..often stayed mum, often kept quiet.

This made them judge her more, to them, she seemed devoid of any individuality, a complete bore..

Instead she enjoyed adjusting even with them, keeping her own views to her own self more.

Couldn’t explain why, ever to them, didn’t even feel like clarifying herself, knowing they wouldn’t get..

So she kept on enjoying the company, being choosy, boldly she chose her own people, all the time.

Till now the raised eyebrows think, how the girl continues to smile along with all the adverse ones, is it pretention or her acts..??

Those eyebrows never get, that pretention can’t last long, nor can go far, if she acts, but it’s because Opposites Attract.

They don’t let her be, life of theirs mustn’t be that busy, always busy throwing judgements on to her..

Cool down World, let Peace prevail on you all, let her be She, and you be You for a while..!!

……………………………… โœ๐Ÿ’•


475. Puppets..

Life’s grave situations,

makes you do, so easily,

without feeling least guilty,

the things which you once..

promised yourself not to do..

nor even imagined, yourself..

of ever doing so..!!

……………. โœ๐Ÿ’•


474. The Bond…

How amazing a feeling..

So many thinking minds,

With varied experiences,

From various backgrounds,

Can think so much alike..??

The more The Typewriter reads,

The more it feels amazed,

As if it reads its own mind,

Each and every read,

One of their own kinds..!!

It asks Thoughtsmith thus..

And Thoughsmith concludes this..

That someway, somewhere,

or the other, from up above..

Our source of origin, the same..!!

We, the humans,

Are actually all connected Beings,

Only our situations on this earth,

Keeps on differentiating us..!!

……………………………….. โœ๐Ÿ’•