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580. My Love Flame…

Am in love with the Moon,

As it spreads enormous light,

Adding beauty to the..

Dark night sky.


Am in love with the Sun,

As it breaks darkness,

And brings out the daylight,

From the shell of the night.


Am in love with the sea,

Its waves erases the differences,

Soulfully touches them, to make,

Two distant lands meet.

Am in love with the birds,

Who carry love’s feelings..

While flying and spreading,

Their strong and bold wings.


Am in love with the plants, trees..

The fruits, the buds, the flowers,

They aren’t here for themselves,

They’re here, only for others.


Am in love with the mountains,

They make us look up above..

Inspire to climb up the struggles,

To soar high with strength in life.


Can you bring me someone alike,

Who has such a heart and mind ?

I’m sure you’ll never find,

All such flames in humankind,

Admit and agree, O World..

There’s no better lover than Nature..!!

……………………………….. ✍🏼💕


24. (Reblogged) The Quiets’ are Quite Strong…



Hello dear Strength,

Hope you are now doing well.., got to know, that, you were a little drained…

Don’t worry about your usual role., even if you take a backseat, and stay quiet a bit.. you will still be respected quite a lot…

Take a bit of rest, with a chill-pill along.. need not overstrain by thinking how to act super strong…

You are not supposed to always shout, to prove your might you don’t have to voice everything out…

Please Strength, you sit for a while and breathe.. do ponder on how to quit your fights with all those disastrous leads…

With silence also you can achieve, how far your power is about to go.. As you are spread everywhere.. in all our emotions, be it weak or bold.

Love and Trust has so much strength in them., with it, they are playing all the tough roles…

Tears have…

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21. (Reblogged) Selflessly Selfish…



Have you ever cherished, being the reason behind a smile on a poor child’s face..??

Have you ever been the reason for adding some glitter in an old man’s eyes..??

Have you ever fed the birds or stray animals and watched them jump with joy from a distance..??

For a change, please do it, if not always, for once a week at least…

It’s just like getting intoxicated with the feeling of giving…

The happiness, while watching others happy, it brings…

Do it once and check, it takes away all our own distress…

Adding some purpose to our living, it makes us forget our own worries…

It serves an unexplored joy from within, as if we have reached some treasure hidden in…

Yes, indeed it’s a treasure, to touch our inner solace, the peace it brings, being this much selfless…

It’s not to look down upon the needy, help them…

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17. (Reblogged) Wills’ win…



You have been thrown into a wide ocean called ‘life’…

Not knowing how to swim and dive,

Once you sink, once you rise..

As the waves won’t let you die.

It’s upto you, how you decide to thrive and survive…

If you play weak, you die..

Whereas your boldness won’t let you bid a bye.

This life is an ocean, and we are in the midst of it…

With our continuous urge to keep going, we should listen to the inner-guide within…

Our will-power is our Lord supreme,

It plays miracles often in silence, and hence..

Here comes the saying, ‘God helps those, who helps themselves.’


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107. (Reblogged) A Web Designer…



On the roof of a book stall,

At the corner of its wall,

There was a tiny little being,

Busy with its home building.

While the book seller, searches my book,

My eyes got glued on the roof,

How silently the cute soul,

Kept on knitting its own sweet home.

A home, to get some food,

A place to sit, wait and watch..

The life really struggles hard..

For a prey, to get into the trap.

Keeps on stitching its web,

Knitting a net, so fine and intricate,

Yet so strong, a prey can’t get out,

The knit, geometrically accurate.

Knits a place for itself to sit,

To wait for its prey to get into it..

That little creature in the corner,

Is the world’s most amazing artist.

Everytime it’s cleaned and removed,

Everytime, comes ahead to recreate,

Starts knitting again, without any protest,

It patiently starts anew.

This tiny…

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16. (Reblogged) Another ‘Araby’ somewhere….



It was an evening of her seventeenth spring,

Their eyes met, she felt, their souls met..

All of a sudden, silently, she felt connected..

Their lips spoke not,but she could hear..

That she has reached her soul at last..

She galloped alone, towards a mirage of hope and despair,

So happy she was., yet a fear of losing,

With that joy, it started to creepin..

Yes., Ohh time..!!.. they did get lost.,

Yet their souls didn’t part,

He remained in her heart,

knowing, she was nowhere in his heart.,

As these were all what she felt alone for years….


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121. (Reblogged) An Evening…


Beside the railing,

In my tiny balcony.,

Of a flat, in a busy city..

I sat on my seat.

Put my fingers..

On my ears,

The horns, their honks,

I refuse to hear.

Following the headlights..

Of the vehicles, on their paths,

Watching the human waves,

Dancing on the footpaths.

Returning from work,

To their respective homes,

All their day’s hard toil,

To splash back on the shore.

Evening darkens, night creeps in,

The honks slow down,

The tides of human sea.,

Slowly ebbs back the crowd.

The showrooms disperse..

The shutters of the shops,

The shop owners, the buyers,

All getting ready to get down.

Traders counting their profits,

The Locker keys go back in their pockets,

Counting back their balance, the buyers..

Children mellowed down with their own stuff,

Busy balancing both, the ladies.

Back home, by now..

All must have settled,

Getting ready to call it a…

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