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796. Knitting Thoughts


Music, Silence, a Book and the Yarn.. fills up all my voids around. ❤

Winters, for me..

it’s all about my knits..

my hobby, my play time..

I’m so ‘me’ with my knitting pins.

My inner Self..

holds my breaths, holds me..

just like my fingers..

who boldly hold my pins.

My Heart, it beats..

keep counting my steps in life..

as I count the knots and loops,

while shifting both the pins.

My Mind keeps moving..

Just as my fingers turn,

to keep moving the knitting yarn,

one by one.

With each and every twist..

the yarn simply keeps rolling,

thus keeps growing,

my passion, my knit.

Our breaths knits our days..

with life, we fall in love..

while our soul, our yarn..

knits our breaths, one by one..!!


Author: The Typewriter

Nothing worth mentioning... 😇😇

19 thoughts on “796. Knitting Thoughts

  1. Wow, such beautiful writing as always! The way you know your soul is inspiring and this piece totally captures the essence of your soul in a such a magical way, much love my friend 💛🤗

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  2. Wow Debby! 👌🏼🥰❤️

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  3. Thanks dearest.. 🤗💕💕💕…

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  4. Thanks for such awesome inspiration.. Humbled.. 🙏🏼😇

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  5. The yarn the thread between Our Lord just flows naturally and continually. I love to knit too so relaxing

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  6. This was so beautiful and soothing to read!

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  7. Thank you for all your kindness.. 🙏🏼😇💕

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  8. Glad we relate.. Thank you sweet soul. 🙏🏼🤗😇💕

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  9. Lovely! A heart and soul tethered, a life knitted; the breadth, and the day!

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  10. Thank you.. 🙏🏼😇


  11. Superb poem so well composed. The well knitted yarn that weaves all our threads together. Lovely.

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  12. Thanks a bunch.. Humbled.. 🙏🏼😇


  13. You are always welcome 😊😊😊😊

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  14. Its beautiful and creative. Awesome hobby. Knitting thoughts.

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  15. Thanks a bunch dear.. 😇😇

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  16. Welcome kindly 🙂

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