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681. Feelings…

Dear Self.,

I was feeling terrible today. I feel, as if I myself is the only one.,

… who’s the most misfit being on this earth, in this whole world of grown ups. I find myself so childish, so simple.

… One, who loves to trust everyone around, enjoys light minded laughter, love to look at the good sides of all around, telling them of their strengths, their goodnesses, boost them up with words of love, and most importantly, to avoid discussions on serious day to day issues, be it personal, politics or any of such boring grown-up stuffs.

… One, who hates judging people around, more than often. I hate arguing unnecessarily with others, in order to prove my likes and dislikes, to put my points to them, only to show how much I know, how efficient I’m in convincing people, and how easily..!! Instead, I enjoy light hearted laughter, sharing some moments of smiles and move on. What’s all the fuss about in picking up names and gossiping about other people’s lives. They must have their own reasons to live their life differently, unlike ours. It’s their choice to live life their way. Why to bother or stop the matured beings according to my wish, my likes..?? If they choose to dig their own potholes and jump in it, will they listen to my words and stop themselves..?? No.. never., their temporary enjoyments they’ll prefer more, always. If I’m not comfortable in doing as they expect me to, then I’m marked as immature, childish, ignorant.

Ignorance is bliss, you know that, right..?? But it’s sad enough, you don’t get the real feel of it. And yes, I enjoy being ignorant, as it gives me enormous mental peace.. Any problem..?? If yes, then it’s yours, not mine..!! So, here, I laugh at your problem with me World..!!

… One, who don’t feel like acting my age. It serves me abundant happiness. It does come to me spontaneously. I have to remind myself to act my age. And that’s quite a burden for my mind and heart. They are my little ones, for whom, I’m here, to take care of..!!

So, please People..

I beg of you..

Live your own life,

Don’t waste your time on me,

I won’t be able to be like you all,

Leave me alone, on my own..

Let me Live, on my own terms World..!!


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