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677. Feelings…

Dear Life,

Me, as a teacher, for the last 27 years in different schools in different parts of my country, came in contact with lots and lots of children from different cultural backgrounds, different strata of our society.

I experienced., the human race and its thought process is degenerating and getting degraded through generations. It silently hurts me from within.

I feel.,

..humans gradually turning inhumane, they’re turning so self centered. Thoughtlessness, Ego and Apathy ruling them all over. Everywhere we turn, we find hypocrisy prevailing, where people saying something and doing something else. Treachery and Lies everywhere, ahead of us, in every step. As a result, Affection, Compassion, Faith, Kindness, Love like emotions taking a total backseat in humans. These emotions are used, rather misused for everyday selfish reasons, taking advantage of the kind hearts, faking them to meet their own mean purpose.

I think.,

..the need of the hour is a subject like Moral Science, in the pre-primary levels in schools. A science, which ingrains positivity, moral values, a holistic approach towards life’s turmoils and upheavals, teaching us how to overcome life’s shortcomings, how to overview life from all aspects, a philosophical view of life and its purpose through tales and stories. It’ll be very beneficial for the children in their formative years, for shaping them and their life in future.

I strongly suggest., should be introduced and made compulsory in the pre-primary levels in all government and private schools, to save the coming generations from the massive degradation of humanity as a whole. Specially in the formative years of the children to help them learn to think twice, the pros and cons, before taking a single step ahead.

I loved it., in my childhood, all through my formative years, this subject silently provided so much positivity and hopeful approach towards any hopeless situation in me. Till now, in any moment of depression or sadness, I can help myself overcome and recover from any negative situation with ample amount of hope, abundant strength and courage, remembering what I was taught at that time. They all got so deeply ingrained in my brain since childhood.

I know.,

..though society is bound to change its course with time, due to the rules of evolution. This is social evolution as change is mandatory in every sphere of life, always. But, introducing this subject in the formative years of human beings will certainly help the coming generations. They, I find nowadays, are bound to take refuge under various addictions in order to forget or forego any odds, shortcomings and failures in their lives, unable to handle the natural obstacles of life. It’ll help them see those odds as mere trivial hurdles, and not some of the biggest hindrance stopping their steps ahead. They’ll be able to pull themselves up and stand courageous, ready to face any odd..!!

I thank., stars, for, I came on this earth at such a time, when I got all the resources, which shaped my thoughts likewise, to which, at least, I try to enkindle the Light of Morality and endless Hope, in the future generations to come. Be it my son, my school students, and any child around.

I believe.,

..if not all, a few will remember and follow them. May that be my two cents of contribution in this World. My ‘Ikigai’, my reason for being.

Love you Life..!!



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