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The silent souls inspired me always. Since childhood I used to get attracted towards the introvert, the silent, the sober, the soft, the shy ones, who avoided speaking about themselves, instead, their work showed their worth.

In today’s world, what I hate about it the most, is the self acclaimed appreciations, self promotions, propaganda on one’s own achievements loud enough to make people applaud, remember them and their success, and sometimes, it even seems that, it’s done pretty forcefully.

Isn’t it so ridiculous..??

Whereas many people I see, I meet, who never speak about themselves, their strengths and qualities, rather, they appreciate the beauty and strength, the commendable skills in other’s works.

Not that they aren’t confident of themselves or they lack the boldness. They, simply, don’t want to speak about themselves to the outside world on their own, until they succeed in accomplishing something large, so that their accomplishments speak out loud enough about them.

But, now a days, they are laughed at as weak, scared, unsmart, incompetent and ridiculed the most.

I feel for them, I understand them, they are the strongest ones of all. Of all the self proclaimed or acclaimed, successful ones.

Once, there was a popular saying in Bengali. If I translate it in English, the saying will somewhat come like this,.

‘Speaking about our own greatness doesn’t make us great,

Our greatness solely depends on what the world says.’

When I was young, my Maa often said these lines, which I never ever paid that much attention to. But, as soon as I started to step forward in life, I started to recall them, understand the profoundness, the depth and strength in it. And I, so so strongly believe in this saying too, which is gradually losing its meaning with Time now.

Gradually losing our inner strength, our depth, our profound and solid base, our foothold on major values and belief systems, our thinking prowess..!!

Where are we heading towards, ultimately, World..?? Without the much needed balance on our rich cultural heritage while keeping pace with the modern times, with the so called aggressing Time, aren’t we regressing..??

Feeling so sorry for the near future of The Poor We..!!!


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