… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …

671. Lost in the lines…



Mind blowing lyrics..

heavenly feel..

be it for your Love..

or for the Lord..

dedicate this to HIM..

Feeling is just the same..

Which is why,

comes the saying..

Love is God, God is love,


Love’s nothing, but..

God’s another game,

And God..??


It’s Love’s synonym..!!


The gist of the song, translated, for the non-hindi speaking world : …………….

In me, whatever magical,

Belongs to HIM, all…..

About me, the talks of the town,

Belongs to HIM, all…..

Ages old, eternal, our connection,

Of HIM, whatever I thought,

Belongs to HIM, all…..

My eyes smile, illuminated by the Light,

All that comes under my sight,

Belongs to HIM, all…..

Whatever I lost,

Were HIS possessions,

Whatever I gained,

Belongs to HIM all…..

Whenever broken, myself, I found,

HE too, broke down..

Whatever scattered hither, tither,

Belongs to HIM, all…..

In me, whatever magical,

Belongs to HIM, all…..!!

Just tried to pen down the gist of this soulful number for the non-hindi speaking world.

Sorry, the effort isn’t up to the mark, I know..!! But wanted to share the essence and flavour of this song with you all..!! Hope you enjoy it..!! 😇💕

Author: The Typewriter

Nothing worth mentioning... 😇😇

20 thoughts on “671. Lost in the lines…

  1. this is beautiful! 🙂

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  2. Glad you enjoyed one of my endearing numbers.. This one, very close to my heart.. Thanks a bunch Wendi.. 😇🙏🏼

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  3. I so agree. Love is God, and God is Love

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  4. Thanks Lorraine.. 🙏🏼😇


  5. 🙂 you are very, very welcome. it was a treat to read.

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  6. Thank you .. 😇🙏💕

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  7. Jagjit Singh was just one of the best singers we had!

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  8. Absolutely.. 🙏🏼😇


  9. This song is magical…


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  10. Indeed..!! Thanks a bunch.. 🙏🏼😇

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  11. Jaggu da, andaze bayan aur

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  12. Thank you for your time.. Humbled. 🙏🏼😇


  13. Yes, the lyrics are truly soul stirring and you have captured the essence really well. Thank you taking time to translate them and share them with the world.

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  14. Thanks a bunch.. Glad you took the time to read them.. Humbled.. 🙏🏼😇

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  15. Lyrics are really mindblowing..

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