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10. Our mind, an Ocean…


Romance of Nature…


Words and emotions stumble in the shore of our mind …..

So many to count, so much to share….

Some good, some not-so-good…

Some so fond, some still haunt…

Where to preserve them… Where to store…

All in our mind-shore..??

While playing with them alone in the sun-filled shore,

..with the warm sand dunes, building a sand castle of memories…

..the ocean from within us smiles…

And silently voices, “hey you.. no one will cherish them like you do..,

None will enjoy those moments more than you..,

No one will collect those drops of pearls before they turn into tears..,

Why to speak out.. whom to tell..??

Stop it.. Keep it in you… Cherish them alone…

Collect and gather those smiles and tears along…

They are only your’s.. they are your’s alone.

Don’t open them to the world and allow them only to be laughed out, looked down and judged…

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Author: The Typewriter

Nothing worth mentioning... 😇😇

25 thoughts on “10. Our mind, an Ocean…

  1. Do I have to tell you how much I resonate with this ……… I think you can guess 😉❤️…….a life story of some of us

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  2. Thank you so much Sakshi.. No second thought about that.. the way I resonate so strongly with your thoughts.. I can understand.. yes, indeed.. life story of some of us.. 😉🤗💕


  3. This is so absolutely true. I agree with you

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  4. You always hit the exact point. Good words not so good words there is a fine line between the two. Memories for those who are fortuantely enough to have good ones are so blessed with many thoughts. Those not so lucky then the future is in their hands waiting full of good words.

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  5. The Shore Line is the fine line between the good words and not so good.

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  6. That’s so true.. thank you so much.. 😇😇

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  7. So beautifully you’ve put your inputs.. thank you so much.. 😇😇

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  8. Glad to know that Sneha.. thank you so much for your kind read.. 😇💕

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  10. You have inspired me again to write a further post.

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  11. Humbled much Nanette.. 😇😇


  12. So glad that my post could do so.. really happy.. 😇😇

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  13. Romancing the nature in itself is a different kind of romance. This poetry makes me fall in love with the nature, the images, the beauty, the poetry and even you.
    “They are only your’s.. they are your’s alone.” this is me. Thanks for such a wonderful share.

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  14. Thanks for all your heartfelt words dear.. they enhanced the beauty of this piece here.. humbled much.. 😇😇

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  15. I like the deep philosophical thought you always endowed upon – this is marvelously done

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  16. Haa haaa glad to be on the same page . ❤️

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  17. 🙌🏼😄🤗😇💕


  18. Thank you much.. 😇

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  19. This one strongly resonates with me❤️

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  20. O wow.. glad to know dear.. humbled for your time here Yasmin.. 😇💕


  21. So true, my dear!👍❤️

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  22. I know you are there.. thank you beautiful.. 😍😘💕😇

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  23. Always a pleasure Debby! 🤗❤️😘

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