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265. Till they’re there…


When people are around,

Value them then,..

Not to miss them, when they are gone,


Time waits for none.


When you’re surrounded,

Look around, feel blessed,

Smile and talk to them,

For when there’s none,

You’ll feel, you’ll miss..

The moments spent with them.


We’re to adjust, living here,

In the midst of this crowd only,

Though, all are playing mixed doubles,

Or else there’s, no place else,

Than, to rule our own kingdom,

In our own lone jungle.


Enjoy nature’s variety,

In people of all types,

The more the range of differences,

The more love binds,

More tangy, more tasty, a life..

Variety, being life’s only spice.


To make it easier to forget and forgive,

To make it easy to stay kind,

World, engrave it in your mind.,

If we differ from our own kins,

Being the children of that Light,

We all will differ in our ways and kinds.


Why is it so difficult, for us to accept differences,

Why can’t others, be their own..??

Why we grumble when someone disagrees,

While, we find happiness in..

Keeping opinions, only of our own..!!


If we don’t mind, nothing does matter..

Grow up world, get a bit matured,

What matters more is peace, than our voice,

Stay bonded altogether, in peace, under the Light,

Staying in love, with our differences, proves our might..!!


Author: The Typewriter

Nothing worth mentioning... 😇😇

34 thoughts on “265. Till they’re there…

  1. Beautifully penned Debi, I also believe in forgive and forget. 🙏🏻💖😇

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  2. Beautifully penned and very well done ma’am !!
    Loved it 🖤

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  3. Yes dear.. the easiest way to keep ourselves peaceful in all circumstances.. to get a real good night sleep.. glad that we think alike.. 🙌🏼😉🤗.. thanks a bunch.. 😇💕

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  4. Thank you so much.. 😇😇

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  5. Pleasure always 😊

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  6. So true and well said. That’s annoying when we appreciate people when they are not nearby and when they are near us we take them for granted.
    Beautiful post and the emotions were really eye opener and to be understood by many .

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  7. Can’t thank you more Tanvir, for getting me so well.. loved you added your insightful thought here.. 😇💕

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  8. Very pertinent questions Debika. We unnecessarily make life and relationships complicated.
    Loved the last line… Sums up the poem so beautifully 💖

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  9. I love this . Cherish what you have …till you have

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  10. Absolutely..!! 👍🏼😇

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  11. Thank you so much Radhika.. 😇♥️

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  12. Love it. It is the differences which add spice to life, enriches in learning something different. A new point of view perhaps they are right. To admit when someone was right too. It does not hurt to be wrong, life is not always how we think we see it.

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  13. Absolutely lovely post!💖

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  14. Yes dear.. it opens a new horizon to take things on their own course, to let go things on their own, and to enjoy each of our space and ways.. love and light be with us all.. 😇😇

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  15. Thanks a bunch for your time and words.. 😇😇

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  16. Never take important people in your life for granted 😇

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  17. Such a beautiful write. It has such sweet advice and yet so important — i love the way you say – grow up world!!!! Thank you for your words. 👍

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  18. Aha..!! You made my day dear.. thank you so much.. 😇♥️

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  19. True that..!! 👍🏼🙂.. thanks for your time and words.. 😇😇

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  20. Very true. Well written.

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  21. Thank you so much.. 😇😇


  22. Live in the moment, stay blessed and be in love – a fabulous poem

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  23. Such a lovely poem to remind one that we need to be in the moment and enjoy those we love and the world around us while we can. Beautiful! -Jill

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  24. Can’t thank you more for reading me so beautifully.. 😇😇

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  25. You are most welcome my friend.

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