… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


265. Till they’re there…

When people are around,

Value them then,..

Not to miss them, when they are gone,


Time waits for none.


When you’re surrounded,

Look around, feel blessed,

Smile and talk to them,

For when there’s none,

You’ll feel, you’ll miss..

The moments spent with them.


We’re to adjust, living here,

In the midst of this crowd only,

Though, all are playing mixed doubles,

Or else there’s, no place else,

Than, to rule our own kingdom,

In our own lone jungle.


Enjoy nature’s variety,

In people of all types,

The more the range of differences,

The more love binds,

More tangy, more tasty, a life..

Variety, being life’s only spice.


To make it easier to forget and forgive,

To make it easy to stay kind,

World, engrave it in your mind.,

If we differ from our own kins,

Being the children of that Light,

We all will differ in our ways and kinds.


Why is it so difficult, for us to accept differences,

Why can’t others, be their own..??

Why we grumble when someone disagrees,

While, we find happiness in..

Keeping opinions, only of our own..!!


If we don’t mind, nothing does matter..

Grow up world, get a bit matured,

What matters more is peace, than our voice,

Stay bonded altogether, in peace, under the Light,

Staying in love, with our differences, proves our might..!!