… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


264. Forever Yours…

Though she loves silence,

Still, there are times,

Sitting alone, at home..

It badly hits her ears.

Emptiness, the only one,

Which completely fills her then.

Gone are the days,

When the noise of a footstep,

Overheard her cheers,

A talkative mouth,

Two dream filled eyes,

A shining face, though toothless,

Some frilly curly hair,

Stopped her from being her.

An outgrown pullover,

A pair of tiny socks,

She takes them out..

She smells them in her tears.


Now, the wall clock,

Stares back at her,

Pays its ears..

To her lone monologues,

Plays for her, its rhythmic tick tocks,

Tends to play with her, musical chair,

The whole day, it makes her run,

As if, it’s intending..

Out of her, to make some fun.

Realising this, she blinks at it..,

It also winks back at her,

Its hands, it waves at her,

As if, they both, airs an oath,

Both to stay there,

Forever, for each other.

Oh, indeed., it’s a fact..

To herself, she reminds,

Time is the only one,

Who’ll accompany her..

Till she breaths her last..!!!




263. When Tears Smile..

With it, along..

An old album brings,

Innumerous memories,

Moments spent with them,

Never spent alone.


Each click, have,

Beautiful stories to share,

Life’s love and mischiefs,

Never tiring, never boring,

They depict, on their own.


Time stops,

When we sit back..

For hours..

With an album,

Silent.. alone..

It may seem.


But, in a moment..

More surrounded,

More echoing,

Than this,

Never before,

Have never been.




262. Totally confused..

We befriend, we unfriend,

We meet, we get a go,

We invite, we let go..

Why we do, that we do..??

Do we know..??

I think, we don’t..!!


Why we add, if we’re to subtract..?

Why we multiply, if we’re to divide..?

We think we understand,

But, there’s the point..

Where, ourselves, the most,

We misunderstand..!!


A bit, we say..

The most, we don’t,

Shake hands, a moment,

Bid goodbyes, the other,

Often we run, to and fro..

What we do, do we know..??

It doesn’t seem so.


What we think, we don’t feel..

What we say, we don’t mean..

So much indifference, makes no sense,

Though we think, we know ourselves.,

At the end of the day, we get to know,

Alas..!! We don’t know..!!


What we see..

We get something else,

What we say..

We do something else..

What do you say world..

Aren’t we..

Totally confused souls ??



261. Live…

Life is, like …

Playing Dark Room,

Or, say.. a game of dice,

Or, is it a board of dart ??

Have to roll over the dice, or..

Need to set a target with the dart..!!

But, win it or not, take my word,

Can’t get out of it, you…

Need to take part..!!