… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


260. Love, the Light…

My Light, My Love..

To me, what you are..

To me, how much you mean,

Believes none.

My Light, you’re my Love,

You talk to me, however you can..

My ears hear.. I listen.

My Love, you’re my Light,

We walk side by side..

Often spend times,

Sharing our peace,

In each other’s silence.

I see you,

For you’re my Light,

Me, you can’t find..

For, it’s inside you,

Where I reside.

I thank you, for being in me,

You thank me, for being in you,

We both thank Him,

We all thank Him..

For, being within us all.

For enlightening us,

For illuminating in us,

For showering on us,

Your precious Love, with your special Light..

For you’re that Light, you’re that Love,

In me, which shines, so so bright.