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259. Mom, A Daughter too…

When this Mom is with her Mom,

She tends to forget her Son,

The role of a Daughter overpowers..

The role of a Mom in her.

Intends to forget and tends to,

Push aside, the ways of a Mom,

The Son’s Mom sits back..

Helps the daughter in her, go ahead.

Waits and watches,

The Mom in her,

Enjoys the daughter in her..

Playing a child.

Though the Mom herself, is forty plus,

Before her own Mom, she becomes..

Her Mom’s little daughter aged five plus five.

She winks her Son a happy high five..

Infront of her Son and her own Mom,

This Mom tends or intends,

To become her Mom’s darling doll again.


( This is what happens, when a Mom, plays a Daughter, infront of her Son.. 😜😁 .. Let’s laugh a bit, World.. 😁😁)



258. Beauty, caught Unaware…

Beauty lies,.

In the beholder’s eyes,

The beings, beautiful..

If aware, they aren’t..

Their beauty gets doubled.


— This beautiful dove, regularly gives me a visit,. Quenches its thirst,. Fills up its hunger pangs,. Winks me glances of thanks,. Flies away with a promise,. to come back, the day next again,.

This way, every day we meet during their lunchtime, I love to sit in a corner of my terrace, and watch them all enjoying their food, in their ‘Food Court.’

..This Dove, isn’t she beautiful..?? Yes, undoubtedly.. She is..!! I have grown a strange fondness for the amazing beauty in this cute little creature, I just wait so anxiously, for it to come and have her food.. while I keep watching her ways silently.. God’s creation is just amazing..!!

Thank you God, not for anything special, but for everything in nature, so special..!!

..Do you know why is the dove so beautiful..?? Because, she isn’t aware of her beauty.. she doesn’t know, how beautiful she is..?!!

What say World..?? πŸ˜‡πŸ’•

( Extremely sorry for this bad photography, impromptu mobile upload though.. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ™ˆ)