… feelings & thoughts, scripted in fonts …


248. Life’s Journey…

Where do life come from,

Where does it go..??

Born out, a spark,

Follows life’s line,

Covering all its phases,

Crossing all the stages,

Life’s time expires,

Saluting itself,

Bends a humble bow..

From Mother Earth’s womb,

Life gets immersed,

Within Mother Earth,

Inside The Black Hole.


Life’s source..

A truth,

Life’s destination..

An ultimate fact.

Its journey, in between..

Isn’t it a myth,

It is what…

In this make belief world..??

If ‘This world is a theatre’,

Then life is nothing..

But a ‘Comedy of Errors’.


Living this Life…

It’s a complete malicious tact,

A total fallacious act..??

Where do life come from,

Where does it go..??

Life is one, though,

The travellers, Life’s fellows..

We walk together,

But not hand in hand,

Heading towards, not knowing,

Exactly where to land..!!


Puzzled and perplexed,

Giving and taking,

Running Life’s race,

With a want of winning..

Totally unaware of the fact,

That there’s no point in racing,

The one, who reaches first,

Or the one, who follows at the end..

All of us are to join there,

From where we all came.




247. no-where, but now-here…

When your warmth comes closer,

Her words choke her throat,

When her eyelids close,

To catch hold of a glimpse of yours,

When her ears hear the words,

Of your unruly tears,

She gets to know, that,

You’re no-where, but..

You’re now-here,

Very much in her.



246. Our life, Our choice…

Our choice to stay humble..

Our choice to stay simple.

Our choice to keep smiling..

Our choice to pardon.

Our choice to love all..

Our choice to laugh and roll.

Our choice to let go the odds..

Our choice to embrace the evens.

Our choice, to stay a kid..

Our choice to live with peace.

Why and what’s your problem..??

If you choose to judge us..

You are free to do so,

We’ll respect that too.

Keep judging us,

Also the whole world.

Your life, your way..

Keep living the way you want.

See, if this is what..

Serves you that peace..!!

After all, it’s our life,

We are our own judges,

To take free decisions..

Free enough to enjoy the fruits,

Of our own choices at last.


What say World..??



245. Time’s time…


It’s for all,

A day, for sure,

It comes ahead,

To stand up for all.

Though it loves all,

Itself, it waits for none,

It makes us run after it…

It hates to stand and wait,

Time also has, a time of its own.


What say World..??



244. Feelings.. (VI)

27th September, 1984

She often thinks., What is she..?? Why is she..?? How is she..??

She happens to be too soft and sober, too simple. She is always a silent observer, owner of an eye for intricate details. She loves her own room, her window, to watch people pass by from that window, beside her bed. She flew with her wings of imagination, along with the tiny birds, the frequent visitors of her room. They sometimes entered her room, with cautious steps, their chirps exchanged their thoughts, which she couldn’t understand. But she enjoyed their company a lot. She lost herself often, in the vast blue sky with them. She could feel what the birds felt while flying high up in the air, cherishing their careless freedom.

She’s tender like those birds. She hated to hurt, responding to her own gulps. She loved to gulp her tears rather than putting others to tears.

Her little heart often felt trapped, by taking birth in this world of schools, studies, home assignments. The world and its rules and norms. She felt, the birds were so happy, they don’t have clocks in their nest. Tears rolled down often. Why is she born a human, why she has to act her age always, why she has to be careful and serious, in order to be acknowledged.. why can’t she live like a bird, breathe like a bird, why can’t she be a bird..??

She promises…!!

She promises herself, to be born a bird in her next birth..!! Mom says, the human birth is the most blessed birth on earth, the best gift from the Lord. Is it so..??

She wonders…!!

Never ever seen anybody, apart from humans, say, a bird or an animal sad..?!! But human beings are mostly so so unhappy all around. More than enjoying life, they run after dreaming about the things they want to enjoy in life. They fight, they struggle to fulfill their dreams, their much so desired lives. And finally, one fine morning, they meet themselves on their final journey, stunned, puzzled.. that they are heading towards their end.. without getting the time to fulfill their dreams.

She ponders…!!

What’s the point in being so calculative, so complicated, so egoistic, so proud and running after reaching that no man’s land, where one is never satisfied..??

She asks…!!

Asks her Mom. Mom says, not to waste her time, thinking the unthinkables. Time is like a flowing river, the part of water which once lost, is lost forever.

She realises…!!

So true. Time is what..?? .. just a few moments, seconds, minutes, hours, divided and designed equally in a clock, again by the humans. Just a few ticktocks, she looks at the wall clock above her study table. It’s ticking. She suddenly starts hating time. She wants to stop it. But merely stopping the clock won’t stop the Time. Let all the clocks of this world, stop for one whole day, for once..!! She wants to see what happens..!! What people do, how people behave..!! Thousands and thousands of people, their varied thoughts, their different looks, their innumerous ways of living life, all so so different from each other.

So many births and deaths, go along, side by side, on one single day, all over the world..!!

She smirks…!!

Such thoughts in her make her feel unique from all her other friends and siblings. She loves herself for this, whereas her friends laugh at her for this. She feels like an alien in this world, where no one gets her words. She feels her soul is behind the bars, her thoughts locked inside her brain.

She sighs……!!!

Life all around nature is so free. Humans aren’t. They are caged within their own thoughts. They can’t come out of their own shells of negative thoughts. She starts counting the stars, adores the crescent moon, she, lets free, her mind open, like the free birds, flying much much up, up above this world.

She knows…!!

This world is lacking the eyes to appreciate nature’s handlooms. What artistically designed textiles elaborate the horizon..!! How creatively painted canvases are hung all over this nature’s museum..!!

She feels…!! Every breath of life in her.

She lives…!! Every bit of her feelings, every moment.

She loves…!! She loves to be born free like her birdies.

Flying free with her buddies, the birdies, to stay lost with her cute, little, wordless, yet mindful birdies.. in her imaginations, away from this mad mad world.

( — This world, from the eyes of a twelve years old.. πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ˜‡ )



243. A Back Key and A Blank Space…

Much needed in minds,

A Back Key and a Blank Space.

Some incidents..

May delete,

Some names,

From eyes.

But the impressions,

Stay imprinted,


In our minds.

Much needed..

A Back Key and a Blank Space,

Some alphabets,

Some incidents,

They aren’t there,

Yet they are very much there.

Not there, in the blinks,

But they wink..

They give a pinch,


In our minds.

Waiting a key’s click,

A button, and its Delete.

A Back Key and a Blank Space,

They refuse to work together..

They won’t erase,

They won’t work,

While deleting,

They’re out of order.

A Back Key and a Blank Space,

Some names,

Some incidents..

Not being there, they are there.

Some alphabetical letters,

Some unspoken words,

They aren’t there,

Yet they’re very much there,

They’re forever there.



242. Don’t grow up…


The only beauty,

That never fades,

Neither dies,

Nor decays.

Don’t grow up,

Enjoy the simplicity,

Of a child in you,

Save it, preserve it, cherish it.

It’ll gift you,

A strange sense of bliss,

The real essence of peace.