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33. Deceived by Destiny…. 


She loved a Love once, unrequited was it., so it went off all void and null…

This was when she was a sweet sixteen doll.., to pursue her studies, she had to leave her town small.. went to a big one for her dreams on call.. and remember, this is certainly not a fairy tale at all…

She was the most lively girl anyone knew, she was as beautiful as a Barbie doll in view, the new city greeted this cute little dew, with all sorts of beaming hopes and failures a few…

Life to her here, was pretty new.. all around seemed smart, cute, dude.., her bubbly nature started to win hearts all over soon, while she kept on counting her fun-filled years along with her studies too.. And this was when she got to meet Mr. Smart, a cool dude…

Both of them grew closer fast, but faster did their ways part, after a sudden change in her guy’s heart, she was left all alone clueless by the heartless Mr. Smart.

She was devastated, she felt betrayed, she went upset as she felt befooled.. she just wanted to know it soon, what made him leave her all alone..??

While she was collecting the pieces of this puzzle, to trace what went wrong and where.. just then her friends informed, that he was about to take marriage vows with his childhood bae.

This shook her heart terribly, her tears bled so bad.. she lost her trust from the four lettered word, her strength now made her stand with a vindictive wand in her hand….

Now she became her only favourite, she was to compromise with none from now, she promised herself to get into a knot with anyone, but get herself knotted before ‘him’ anyhow…..

Within months, she met someone new, who was not at all her choice., but being under a spell of revenge and to punish her ownself, she convinced her family, and got married in a complete haste.

She didn’t think of, nor had any idea, what she was doing with her life and why..??.. This much thought only she needed to silently voice, that his betrayal didn’t matter, rather it was her time too to rejoice…

Days, weeks, months passed, years along with her tears rolled on.., she went mum, to none she could tell, when she actually wanted to yell., that sweet bubbly Barbie, struggled hard to keep her marriage going, covering up with her laughter, all her cries…

After all the baseless beatings in the late night hours and the severely torturous years, she took the courage to think otherwise, as now she was no more tortured alone.. nine long lame years lay on her lap with a traumatized cute little doll, aged seven.

She even wanted to end her life., but alas..!!! .. with aged ailing parents back home, who’s going to take care of her baby when she’s gone..??

Her doll stopped her nerves from weakening., her innocence served back her lost strength.. she gifted her Mom a new life yet again, with all giggles and so many childish queries to answer within a blink…

She just caught hold of her doll so tight, and both stepped out of their hell forever,. eight more long years were in store for them to struggle which passed within a blink of an eye.. she kissed her doll’s eyes so soft, as those were her only support, she could fight so bold…

Now a transformed Mom, totally a person anew, fought alone for her rights and her baby’s… Earned her own living, took care of her aged parents, the mom and doll started studying more together, for their upcoming future highs…

She kept her sight clear all the while, her eyes were always focussed on her doll… As the baby Barbie met her sweet sixteenth year, her momma gets to meet her long lost love…

As if, the Lord up there couldn’t bear to see her alone, ‘His Barbie’ fighting out her life’s weeds on her own.. her first love was like a god-sent to her, that she got back her long lost love, whom she had to leave long back…

To the one, whom, her feelings she couldn’t express, was standing all of a sudden in front of her.. both of them survived their own share of odds, and destiny eventually brought them together…

This sounds like a fairy tale.. No..?? Yes, yes, I know, I myself was quite mistaken., But No.. it’s not at all a fairy’s tale, it’s very much a real life incident.

They met, but they didn’t have to speak out anything., it was so much evident and properly placed, that they understood, they were made for each other straight from heaven…

Though destiny played a fowl game once, they parted and were drifted apart., their real feelings made destiny bow before them and they were thus binded all over again… 

Presently she has reached her heights, and heading a reputed company.. mostly found bossing and tossing with her dreams, hats off to you, O Woman of substance,.. Yes, you made it girl, as you very much deserve it..!!!

Love, many a times was snatched from her, she chased it never for sure.. so badly hurt, so hardly bruised, she believes in it no more.. she found her Love, but when..?? ..when she lost all her trust from the ‘term’ with letters four…

Repeated encounters with deception, has turned her into a rock solid wall.., like a pillar she stands strong and tall.. now emotions are meant nothing to her but something meant for the fools world…

Though I know, she still laughs out loud, still chit-chats around, she’s still that bubbly girl from within.., she’s still a fun-loving girl, loves and feels for her own people.. she is always in praise for the deserving ones, ever-ready to help people out of her ways…

She defends and hides all her emotions, tries hard not to bring them out to the world., stops her seldom visible tears, trying hard that they don’t get exposed.

Keep it up buddy, as you were wise, you made your destiny meet its demise… numerous ways it tried to knock you down.. God was, is and will be always beside you watching ‘His Barbie’ rise… 


( … the excerpts from the hardships of a close friend’s life, whose life taught me a lot, how to handle life standing tall and strong whatever may come…)

Don’t be always so judgemental world.. all of us are silently fighting our own share of odds.. 

Love, Live and Let live..  💕😇

Author: The Typewriter

Nothing worth mentioning... 😇😇

17 thoughts on “33. Deceived by Destiny…. 

  1. Wow! Kudos to your friend for bouncing back resilient!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well written. 👍
    You are right everyone is fighting their own share of odds. We are actually no one to judge.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Exactly.. Thank u so much dear… 💕👍🙂


  4. Yes dear.. thank you so much.. will convey it to her… 💕😊

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Attagirl! Way to go. Well encapsulated.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank u dear for going through.. it meant a lot indeed… 💕😊

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  7. It is a pleasure going through your posts.

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  8. Glad to know that,.. really..!! All my works lack the literary excellence, though..(.. and that I know.. 😉😁 ) .. but really inspired, and feeling so humbled… 😇

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  9. You write with honesty and that shines through. 🤗🤗

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  10. For all daughters, look beyond love and marriage. Stand up on your own two feet, be independent. Her life and story can be set as an example to many who are suffering silently with no one to share their trauma with. You did a good thing by writing this, its an appreciation to who she is and a salute to her spirit that stood the test of time.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Yes.. thank u much.. 👍🙂


  12. You write amazingly Debby. So honest, and you are inspired. You are good with words. Don’t ever doubt that. This is SO good and gets an important message across.

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  13. Thanks a bunch Lorraine.. love..

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  14. You are welcome. And I bet I have spelled your name wrong again lol. X

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  15. Not at all sweet.. many spell my name that way too.. you are no way wrong.. love..


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