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10. Our mind, an Ocean…


Words and emotions stumble in the shore of our mind …..

So many to count, so much to share….

Some good, some not-so-good…

Some so fond, some still haunt…

Where to preserve them… Where to store…

All in our mind-shore..??

While playing with them alone in the sun-filled shore,

..with the warm sand dunes, building a sand castle of memories…

..the ocean from within us smiles…

And silently voices, “hey you.. no one will cherish them like you do..,

None will enjoy those moments more than you..,

No one will collect those drops of pearls before they turn into tears..,

Why to speak out.. whom to tell..??

Stop it.. Keep it in you… Cherish them alone…

Collect and gather those smiles and tears along…

They are only your’s.. they are your’s alone.

Don’t open them to the world and allow them only to be laughed out, looked down and judged…

That will only make you feel more heavy… more low…

No one gets it.. till they go through their high and low tides …

Everyone seek to see themselves in the other one..

.. they want others to think as per their thoughts…”

The ocean was so true..!!??

No one ready to accept the differences…

How many of us sit and count the waves..??

None there to hear their hustle..!!!

So.., Come…

It’s better we bury those moments..,

under the warm dunes of memories, with all their emotions attached.,

just let them die down within the mind.,

just like the dancing waves..

which happily keeps coming and going..

thrusting and bursting on the sea shore…

to and fro the ocean…..


Author: The Typewriter

Nothing worth mentioning... 😇😇

9 thoughts on “10. Our mind, an Ocean…

  1. Unquestionably a great amount of care and thought have gone into generating such an important message for all….. expressed so discreetly with fair degree of conviction….it reminds me of a popular quote, ” you laugh and the world laughs with you, you cry and the world laughs louder “…. indeed we all should try to imbibe and implement this idea of burying the moments within ourselves, life would become more enjoyable and easier…fantastic piece of writing…. short, subtle and powerful !!!👍

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  2. Thanks a ton dear.. 😊


  3. Thanks dearie…. 👍😍


  4. Very nice poem, The Type-writer, it’s well written with a strong message, embellished in heartfelt words. I agree that while some moments are worth celebrating over and over, there are some moments that we need to allow to fade away. There are some emotions that we need to let out, however, there are a very few people who would not judge you for that. Ultimately, it’s all about letting the right person in and letting the wrong moments go. Well done! Thank you for sharing such a deep message… 🙂

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  6. fantastic post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You should continue your writing. I am sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

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  7. Thank you so much.. Humbled.. 😇😇


  8. Thanks very nice blog!

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  9. Thank you.. 🙏🏼😇


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