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                                            THE ‘MEAN GIRLS’




‘’Yes Thamma (this is how Bengali’s call their grandmother) ….”

“Come here….fast….’’

“Coming…… thamma…..”

(‘Monu’, as I was called by all the elders in our joint family of 13 members. Our family consisted of Dadu, Thamma, baba, maa, two of my uncles n aunts, four of my cousin sisters. I was the eldest of the lot. )

I rushed to thamma and found her waiting for me with a very serious face. My mother and two of my aunts are staring still at me… as if I have done something seriously wrong. I stood there totally clueless. Asked them the reason for their agony n those dangerous glares. Mostly I was held responsible for all the messy pranks which my young sisters dumped on me and fled. Finally I was left under the receiving end of all the scolding part, handful of slaps…

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