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Durga puja over… Today is the last day… Dashami morning…
Maya took off her specs, kept it aside and sipped her cup of tea which Reema served along with some biscuits. Reema is her elder daughter-in-law, wife of her elder son Satya. Both of them were married two years ago, now staying abroad. Maya’s younger son Som also got married to Nishi 6 months back and both of them are working abroad. None of her sons have any plans to come back to India, rather they are all trying to settle there only.
Maya, at the age of 67, stays alone in her 1 bedroom apartment in Kolkata. After her husband Anant left her alone, she decided to stay on her own, though her sons wanted her to stay with them turn by turn. But Maya was completely adamant about her stay in her own country, in her own home…

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